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Belle Ju Dour Presents The BDJ Box Social Global Glam 2015

It’s time to embrace your glamorous side and flaunt it this coming September at the BDJ Box Social Global Glam! Happening this September 13, 2015 at Glorietta 2 Activity Center!

The BDJ team will once again host its annual beauty gala, the BDJ Box Beauty Social! With this year’s theme Global Glam, enjoy exciting booths from premium international beauty brands with activities such as free skin analysis, makeovers, basic facial PLUS exclusive sales of up […]Read More

Belle de Jour invites you to BDJ Rendezvous: A Woman Who Matters

Belle de Jour Power Planner, the perfect planner for the modern-day Filipina who wants to live life to the fullest, is inviting you to join the BDJ Rendezvous Event entitled A Woman Who Matters.

Empowering Filipinas for 9 years now, BDJ has evolved into a community of BDJ Girls. The Bellas love to interact with each other and this has inspired the team to create a series of BDJ events for them 9 times a year.

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“I love you, Nanay!” greetings

Hi members! Greet your mom on mother’s day with an “I love you!” from

Choose “MOM,” “NANAY,” “INAY,” “MAMA,” or “MAMANG” below to post and greet your mother on Mother’s Day at her timeline or profile page.


I love you NANAY

I love you MOM

I love you MAMA

I love you INAY

I love you MAMANG

This is personally dedicated to my beloved mom, Lolas, Titas, friends, SILs, cousins, nieces who are mothers.

Send some shine with our ecards. 

It’s […]Read More

How to Sparkle Like a Sexy Momma

Your son is your world. I get it. So is mine. But there are other things in my world too, namely the rest of the family, friends, my career, my passions, and most of all, myself. Although I would do anything for my son, he is not necessarily the center of my world. At least, not all the time. And I believe that that will make him a better person, because of two reasons. The first reason is […]Read More

Sparkling Positive Tips to Handle Negativity – Bonus Tip 8


The White Light Meditation

Continued from 8 Sparkling Positive Tips to Handle Negativity

Bonus Tip 8. Visualize white light for protection. 

The White Light Meditation is a visualization technique that has been used by meditators in all religions of humanity’s history.

Make the following a daily practice. Say a prayer of protection in the morning, night time or whenever you need to.

Try this short phrase and adapt it to your own liking:

“Dear God, help me in this situation. Shield me […]Read More

Filipina Book Writers: What is Your Child Reading?

What is your child reading?

Three Filipina book writers says it’s time to engage children with fairy tales and adventures in the Philippine setting. Instead of foreign characters, why not local characters who can inspire children to learn about Filipino values. Why shouldn’t the setting be in our home country? Why shouldn’t it be written in Tagalog or in a particular dialect?

“The amount of things you can talk about with children are limitless if you find […]Read More

Stellar Director Sockie Fernandez Inspires Youth

Sockie Fernandez’s credits could fill a page. She is a multi-awarded TV commercial, documentary and Indie films director. She is a trailblazer and started carving her path when most TV commercial directors were men. Today, there are so many women following her footsteps, and more promising, is a young generation inspired to  look beyond what’s possible.

“Direk Sockie is a very good professor,” Mai Mai Burgos of St. Scholastica College says. “She wants us to think beyond […]Read More

Blog Count: (14) Meet Beauté Simple


Myla Lopez, based in the United States, started blogging in 2013 to chronicle the beauty of everyday living. She craved for a space to celebrate the simple things in life and wanted to develop her voice and style as a writer and photographer. Aside from blogging, our fabulous featured blogger also writes for

“My blog, Beauté Simple, means “simple beauty” in French. The blog focuses on the beauty of the mundane and everyday moments in my […]Read More

Confidence Visualization Tip


This is an exercise that goes with 10 Sparkling Tips For More Confidence.

Bonus confidence visualization exercise:

Do this exercise for a few minutes when you’re not going to be disturbed.

Close your eyes and relax by taking 3 cleansing breaths.
Say a prayer of yours and/or an intention of good deeds and a balanced life.
Then with your mind’s eye, see yourself surrounded by a pleasant white or white-golden light. This light […]Read More

I Am Proud to Speak Tagalog; It’s a Gift

I am standing in a classroom next to my mother. The wall is an assemblage of red, yellow, and blue bulletin boards, plastered with papers and pictures I could not readily decipher. A young blonde and willowy woman is speaking to my mother. I could only guess what they must be talking about; the rest of the room is filled with other mothers and fathers speaking with their children, clutching their hands and straightening their jackets and blouses. […]Read More

My Solo Travel Adventure To Kalamansig

It’s 3 p.m. in Kalamansig, a charming little town located in the northeastern part of the province of Sultan Kudarat, and the area is slowly packing its day. The town, I learned, is home to traders—sellers of farm products like copra and palay, fresh seafood like crab, prawns and even tuna which are being shipped to Cebu City. The winding road going to this seaside town

is concrete, making the town very accessible. Despite taking a back seat […]Read More

What You Should Know About Dating a Filipina


Once, when my husband had revealed to his Vietnamese barber that he’s married to a Filipina, the excited barber exclaimed, “You married Asian, now you sit back and relax.” My husband almost fell off his chair. It was the furthest from the truth. When he married me he had these illusions of coming home to a Filipino feast every day. And in the mornings, his clothes would be laid out ready for him, ironed and starched. That was […]Read More

Blog Count: (13) Meet Pinay in Dubay

“Get hooked on the day-to-day story of a Pinay Wanderer in Dubai as she battles on real life situations,” says the beginning line of our featured blogger, Pinay in Dubay.  We followed her blog and actually asked her to write for, and she did, with her first story, “In Dubai I Met God in the Desert!”

Shayne Navarro. a planning engineer and currently in her 30-something years, attributes all her blessings to God who has been with […]Read More

7 Sparkling Tips to Turning Your Life Around

We all reach crossroads where we have to decide which direction our life is headed. For some it’s easy; they have clear goals and objectives and they know how to achieve them. I thought I was one of them, until a sudden realization changed my life forever. Against all advice, I quit my job and started travelling around the world. I’ve been traveling for almost two years now and I’ve realized the key to a happy life is […]Read More