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5 Reasons Why Nordstrom Can Be Your Personal Shopper

Because we Filipinas generally have dark hair, brown eyes, and olive fair to brown skin then retail shopping takes personalization to resonate with our particular shapes, styles, and shades.

And when it comes to wanting your personal vogue, American upscale fashion retailer Nordstrom comes in. Take advantage of Nordstrom’s personal shopper, blog, lookbooks and their international online store.

Nordstrom personal stylists

Nordstrom Stylist Testimonials |
Before Nordstrom, where could one go for a personal shopper to custom pick clothes for YOU? Well, now you can go to Nordstrom and have your own personal shopper. Book your appointment at a store near you.

And for those of us who can’t get to a local store, Nordstrom can still be your personal shopping resource. With their ubiquitous, mobile presence, Nordstrom’s online resources and store definitely anticipates your needs:

Lookbook Recos

Nordstrom Stylist Testimonials | Nordstrom Stylist Testimonials | Nordstrom Stylist Testimonials |

From Corporate looks to Fall Trends, Nordstrom showcases a slideshow of recommended looks from coats to skirts to boots that saves you time from picking out an entire outfit. There are also some basic principles of what looks good based on skin tone, body shape, hair color, eye color and Nordstrom’s search engine is able to filter and match based on an algorithm that builds in this knowledge base.

The Nordstrom Blog

Consider their fabulous blog as your at-a-glance, constantly updated index for all that’s new and noteworthy at Nordstrom.

About The Nordstrom Blog |

Nordstrom online store 

Hail to the gods of online shopping. Take advantage of these goodies that Nordstrom brings to you online:

  • The extensive designer labels.

    Where else can you see Valentino, Burberry, Jimmy Choo, Chanel and more labels in one online shopping store? Nordstrom has distinguished how brands create value, play into social relationships, and add value to a store by placing them at the forefront of this e-commerce site. The brand name offers assurance of quality, fit and value to customers. Consumers shop with assurance at Nordstrom since they know that the products they buy have the stamp of approval of the retailer. As a result, a brand’s own name on Nordstrom is a hallmark that stands for something. Customers are also assured that the brand is authentic and may be a leading edge product. Click here for Nordstrom’s special promo, available for a limited time.

  • The extensive designer labels ON SALE.

    The sight of a Burberry handbag at 50% less is enough to make anyone to hyperventilate.

  • The extensive fashion items.

    From skirts to lingerie to boots and jewelry – your entire closet is taken care of! I also want to check on items of my size-shape-style-psychographic and discover what else looks good. Imagine such technology who had worked on this to evolve the web and bring a dramatically better user experience – they are definitely working for all of us.

  • Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 9.48.18 AMInternational Shipping.

    They ship practically everywhere – and yes saw the blue, yellow and red Philippine flag in the selection!The best part is that your order total is guaranteed at the exchange rate set when your order is placed. Foreign exchange rates are determined by Borderfree and are based on interbank rates of exchange.

This is a sponsored post. Written by’s Social Media Manager and in-house stylist Kristine Roa.




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