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5 Ways to Wellbeing | Dr. Joy Barredo at

5 Ways to Wellbeing

Part 2 of 2 of “The Art of Loving Oneself” by Dr Joy Barredo

In Part 1, Dr. Joy guides readers on exploring how/why they may not be loving themselves and shared quick tips how people can appreciate themselves more. Here now in Part 2, Dr. Joy gives 5 concrete ways to do that.

Here now are five ways that make looking after your health and wellbeing simple and real.

No gorgeous goddess is an island. ~ Dr. Joy Barredo,

You, gorgeous goddesses, are social beings. You need other people in order to stay alive.

1. Connect. Connect with people around you—family, friends, colleagues and neighbours. Sometimes this may not be an easy thing to do. However you can choose to connect with whomever you please and feel comfortable with.
Building connections, establishing friendships – will help you experience your very own humanity through the relationships you possess. Isolation is the very culprit of poor health – social, emotional, mental.
Some people are effective at work and yet feel the need to separate their work life from their personal life. If that’s what works for you, then keep at it.
Connect with people at home, at school or in the community. As the saying goes, “No gorgeous goddess is an island.” Islands are pretty nice places to visit once in a while, but not all the time. Like it or not, you, gorgeous goddesses, are social beings. You need other people in order to stay alive.

2. Be Active. Go for a walk, a run, a swim. Or cycle, hit the gym, play games, dance! And don’t say you don’t know how to dance. If you want to learn, there’s only one thing to do – sign up for a class. Be it ballroom dancing, ballet, tango, swing, breakdancing, whatever takes your fancy. Dance is poetry in motion.
The most important thing is to discover a physical activity that you enjoy. It doesn’t matter what others think you should be doing. Because guess what – if you don’t enjoy it, your spirit and your mind will know, and communicate this to your body, and no real benefit will come off it.
And you can combine other interests, too. Do you like flowers, plants, gardening? That in itself is physical, and quite therapeutic as well. And when you see how beautiful or tidy your front lawn or back garden is, you compound the enjoyment that you get out of it.
When your mind, body and spirit work well together, then that is when you reap the fruits of physical activity.

3. Take Notice. Put simply – be curious. The world around you is full of wonders. Catch sight of the beautiful. Marvel at the unusual. Notice the changing seasons.
As you take notice, savour the moment – whether you walk or cycle to work, or take the bus, subway, the tube, or drive, notice the colours, the objects and people around you. No matter how many times you pass the same route, there will always be something different, something new.
Even when you’re eating lunch or talking to friends, take it all in. Reflecting on your experiences will help you appreciate what matters most to you. This is where a gratitude journal comes in handy.
Each day, list down at least 3 things (5 if you can) that you are grateful for – getting the last parking space, the sun shining, a bird singing, your boss giving you a positive feedback, or a stranger being kind.

4. Keep Learning. Try something new. Never had sushi before, go ahead, it won’t kill you! Or perhaps you’ve never seen a foreign film? Why not learn a new language?
Or rediscover an old interest. Did you enjoy photography before, but stopped because life got too busy? Then, what about taking it up again? Create your own photoblog, posting a mix of photos and your personal musings.
If you like Italian food, but can’t cook, perhaps you could learn? Maybe if you indulge in cupcakes or cakes then you could start baking your own delectable concoctions and share them with others.
Maybe you’d like to take up a new challenge or responsibility at work? There’s something to be said for stretching yourselves. Find out how pushing the envelope can be a clever way to discover your skills and talents.
Learning new things will help you become more confident and more fun.

5. Give. Give someone a hug. Give up some of your time to help others. Give other people a thought and what they may be going through. Right now, there is someone somewhere who needs help. You can donate money, or you can send them prayers.
Perhaps you can join a community group, volunteer at a charity shop, share your skills at a voluntary organisation, or help out at a nursing home for the elderly. The psychic reward of doing that is just phenomenal!
Working for causes, that you support and interest you, helps you stay connected to others and can be a very rewarding experience.
Knowing the 5 ways to wellbeing doesn’t mean you need to accomplish all 5 in one fell swoop. That is putting undue pressure on yourself, and may in fact result in disastrous outcomes. Take baby steps. Pick one of the 5 – whichever is easiest, or most convenient, or whatever your inner compass dictates. Be true and stay true to yourself and wellbeing comes naturally.
And in case you are not ready to try any of the 5 ways to wellbeing, I would go back to my good ol’ mantra – be kind to yourself! Being kind to yourself will mirror the world around you, and before you know it, without even trying, you will soon be on your way to the 5 ways of wellbeing.

Dr Joy Barredo

Dr Joy Barredo.

Dr. Joy Barredo is a life coach based in the United Kingdom.
 Also see her site at

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Dr. Joy

Dr. Joy

I am Dr Joy Barredo - proud Filipina and a citizen of the world.I am a qualified Master NLP Practitioner.I also have certificates in NLP Coaching and Advanced Life Coaching.My other qualifications include a doctorate degree in Educational Management (from De La Salle University, Manila) and certificates in Line Management and Managing a Social Enterprise.
My main passion in life is motivating, empowering and educating people. I believe it is a privilege to guide someone in discovering themselves, their dreams and to become their personal best.

For pleasure I enjoy traveling, and seek adventure where life takes me.I am also a voracious reader, a kitchen goddess, a self-taught DIYer, an amateur photographer and a keen silversmith.I take a holistic approach towards health and am madly in love with dogs!
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