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7 Sparkling Tips to a Long Distance Relationship |

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M.T. Vallarta

I am in a long distance relationship. Yes, I know it’s difficult. Yes, I know a startling number of long distance relationships don’t last. But that does not stop my partner and me from trying. We have been in a long distance relationship and our love has not dwindled at all. Sure, it may get lonely at times, but there are a lot of different ways we ensure that we are always there to listen, support, and be there for each other. Here are 7 Sparkling Tips to maintaining a long distance relationship.

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In defense of long distance relationships—our author Maria with partner Jordan, who surprised her a stuffed giraffe gift.

Tip 1: Communication

This is very important! My partner and I use all methods of communication: phone, text messaging, Facebook, webcam, and we are even thinking of writing letters to each other. We send each other selfies and make sure we don’t end the day without saying good night. Try to speak to each other as often as you can—even the smallest update is essential to strengthening your connection and making your partner feel that they are still a part of your day even though you can’t see each other in person.

Tip 2:  Do Long Distance Activities With Each Other

This includes watching a TV show or movie together while you are webcamming, reading the same book and alternating reading passages out loud to each other, studying or, eating together, and (if you have a Wii, Xbox, or PC with wireless connection) playing video games together. Think about what you and your partner like to do and how you can enjoy these activities with one another. It is possible to keep someone company without being physically present!

Tip 3:  Send Gifts As a Surprise

One time, my partner sent me a stuffed animal in the mail. It was a huge surprise, and it was his way to show that he still cares no matter how far apart we are. It doesn’t have to be a stuffed animal—it can be letters, drawings, jewelry, clothes—anything that your partner will love and make them feel like the happiest person in the world!

Tip 4:  Visit Each Other

My partner and I try to visit each other as often as we can. Since he lives in Northern California and I live in Southern California, we are six hours away from each other by car and about an hour away by flight. We take turns visiting each other at least once a month. We save money for these visits and we try to time them during holidays or three-day weekends or special occasions. Even if you can only see each other a few times a year, every visit is special and it will contribute to helping your relationship grow.

Tip 5:  Support Your Partner’s Work and Interests

My partner is currently in the video game industry and even though I am not as video game savvy as he is, I try and support his interests by asking him about the games he is playing and even playing some of these games myself. He does the same with me—since I am a bookworm, my partner commits to reading a book I love so we can discuss it and experience it together. In addition, if my partner is having a bad day at work, I try and send him pictures of me making funny faces or send him encouraging text messages—anything to make him smile. It’s important to show that you are interested in what your partner is doing no matter how far apart you are. (See Maria’s book picks, 5 Pinay Stellar Novels You Need to Read.)

Tips 6. Trust Each Other

Every relationship requires an unconditional amount of trust, and this is especially essential for long distance relationships. Trust that your partner is responsible to take care of themselves, trust that your relationship is strong enough not to be severed by distance, and trust and believe in yourself and your ability to maintain this relationship. Trust that this is only temporary—it is important to focus on the present while also looking forward to your future together. Talk about how your relationship will look when you are no longer long distance—this will give you both something to strive for.

Tip 7:  Find Ways to Love Yourself While You Are Apart

Self-love is essential. Long distance relationships allow you to be independent while keeping someone close to your heart. Take this opportunity to develop your independence and get to know yourself better. Learn how to enjoy your own company and be your own best friend.

Maria Vallarta is an incoming Ph.D student from Los Angeles, California. She was editor at {m}aganda Magazine. You can read more about her in her blog Sampaguita Girl.

Some of the images are courtesy of the author, others are credited.

Originally published Sep 5, 2014

M.T. Vallarta

M.T. Vallarta is a Ph.D. student from Los Angeles, CA. She received her undergraduate education at the University of California, Berkeley, where she double majored in English and Asian American Studies. While at Cal, she was an editor of {m}aganda Magazine and was heavily involved in student of color groups and community organizing spaces. She identifies strongly as a scholar-activist, and hopes to produce scholarship that directly impacts and benefits the very communities she serves. When not blogging, writing, or studying, she enjoys reading, playing video games, drinking tea, and eating good food.


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