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7 Sparkling Ways to Look Beautiful |

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Tish Leizens

We want to help Pinays sparkle and shine in every way possible. Our mission is to help you be beautiful inside and out. So, we asked Sari Campos, an accomplished makeup artist based in Manila to help us navigate the world of beauty, and she indulged us with her expertise and shared the fabulous images of photographer Kurt Alvarez.

At 26, her beauty brushes are brisk at enhancing the looks of celebrities, models and talents for magazine editorials, print advertising, TV commercials and weddings. Her work dazzles on the pages of Esquire Philippines, People Asia, Candy Magazine, Total Girl Magazine, Status Magazine and Bench Magazine, among others.

Our beauty expert graduated from Ateneo de Manila University and received her training from Make Up Forever Academy in Paris. She is a certified airbrush makeup artist under Temptu, New York.

The make-up expert, Sari Campos, on the beauty trail.

Makeup artist  Sari Campos on the beauty trail

“The purpose of makeup is to cover imperfections and to emphasize your best features. But if you already have great skin you have less to cover,” said Campos. Here are seven ways to make you sparkle:

Tip 1: A Good Skin Care

Skin is the biggest organ of the body. It is our largest barrier from infection. Environmental factors such as the sun and pollutants can speed up the signs of ageing. Skin that is well protected and nourished and preserved from all these elements will remain healthier and will delay the ageing process. A good skin care routine involves a good cleanser that will remove dirt, makeup and excess oil that clog pores that lead to acne. Use mild soap. Soaps with harsh chemicals can irritate and make the skin dry.

Toners work to stabilize the skin’s natural PH. Pick a toner that is best suited for your skin. A lot are available in the market which are made for different functions such as reducing oiliness, providing added moisture, controlling sensitivity, brightening the complexion and soothing irritation. Moisturizers are made to hold the water in our skin. The lack of use in the short-term may cause redness and flaking; over the long-term expect to see wrinkles and other signs of ageing.

Tip 2: Water, Please!

Drinking water gives you a radiant, healthy and younger-looking skin. Without proper hydration, skin will be dry, tight and flaky. Dry skin has less resilience and is more prone to wrinkling.

Tip 3: Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen on every occasion is going to help your skin as sun exposure has been known to cause age spots and wrinkles. Younger men and women, don’t realize the damaging effects the sun can have until they are much older and by then the effects can’t be reversed. It doesn’t mean you have to apply heavy, sticky sunscreen on your face every morning. There are many products in the market that are very light made for every skin type. You can use cosmetics that have SPF (sun protection factor).

Tip 4:  Shape Those Eyebrows

Defined arches frame the face and bring attention to your eyes. They can make your eyes look more open and lifted, or smaller and closed, depending on their grooming. Go to a professional threader to shape your eyebrows at first, then maintain it. A perk to a well-maintained brow is that you can get out of the house still looking well groomed, presentable and fresh. Keep brow shape as natural as possible. Overly thick brows can make even the most feminine face look masculine, while thin overly arched brow can make a woman look outdated and washed out.

Tip 5: Wear Make-Up If You Have Something to Hide

If you want to wear makeup, the following tips will help you. Concealer is used to cover dark circles, spots and discoloration. If applied properly, it will have a dramatic yet imperceptible effect on your face. Use it only to hide your imperfections but if you don’t have anything you need to cover, it would be best to skip it. Curling your lashes with eyelash curler and using mascara will make them look longer and your eyes bigger and more awake. Blush can help you look youthful, fresh and pulled together. Think higher cheekbones, a plump, healthy complexion and a girlish glow.

Tip 6:  Make Every Day a Good Hair Day

The right haircut can make or break your whole look. Your hair is as important as any part of your body and it gives you personality and character. Choose a haircut that flatters the shape of your face.

Tip 7:  Be Confident

As women, we are used to a certain look or routine but confidence can do wonders. We should be confident with who we are with or without makeup. Makeup should not be a mask but a way to enhance our beauty. Taking a break from makeup allows your skin to breathe. There are many ways to look beautiful without makeup and feeling good about yourself is one of them.

If you want more tutorials on beauty, catch up with Sari Campos on her blog where she has a video on Everyday Makeup Tutorial. All photos were taken by Kurt Alvarez, except the photo on our last slider, which is courtesy of Kelsey Merritt is our model of confidence.

Do you have Sparkling Tips you want to share with Pinays? Email Tish Leizens at

Originally published Aug 1, 2016 

Tish Leizens

Tish Leizens is a great believer in asking lots of questions. That was how she was trained as a business journalist for newspapers and magazines. That was how she survived trying moments in her personal life and how she navigated a successful career and business in media. In 1997, she asked, “Why not?” And so, she moved from Manila to New York City. It was and continues to be a great adventure. After stints as a reporter for Manila Chronicle and Manila Times; correspondent for The Straits Times and Gulf News; Tish worked as editor for Conde Nast, and later edited and published her own regional magazines, OurHouse and Excursions. OurHouse, sold in bookstores chains in the East Coast, was nationally recognized for its innovative approach to magazine publishing. Tish has lectured at the New York Public Library on how to launch a magazine and other topics related to publishing. She was featured in CNN Money in 2010.

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