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About, is a place online where Filipinas shine. Get tips on sparkling positive living.

“Pinay, magningning ka!”
“Shine, Pinay, shine!”

Pinays, being Filipina is a gift. | Pinay.comWelcome, members and visitors of!

What is ‘Pinay’? ‘Pinay’ can be simply defined as ‘Filipina’ and the female version of ‘Pinoy’.   Today these demonyms, ‘Pinoy’ and ‘Pinay’ are used to refer to Filipino men and women everywhere in the world. went online in 1998 and has been evolving since then.’s original goal then was to dismantle mistruths and limited perceptions of Filipinas that diminish their dignity. celebrates and furthers Pinay Sparkle. Here at we are not only finding and presenting shining examples of Filipinas but we are also encouraging all Filipinas to turn their sparkle up and shine in the world.

We know that a lot of positive Filipinas have a bright vivaciousness, a Pinay Sparkle that they shine out, wielding their divinely bestowed talents, strengths, and smarts with flair. These Pinays have a keen love of life and a knack for actualizing their dreams while supporting and uplifting others along the process. presents pinay sparkleWe are going to connect you to these Filipinas at by featuring them and sharing stories about them.

If you’re a Filipina who sparkles or wants to learn how to shine more then is the place for you! is exploring how Filipino women (and men) can live in the modern world today, yet still embrace the deep Filipino values we live with in our families, AND also embrace the ancient yet relevant worldview that our ancestors had.

Title- Gift of Being Filipina - Pinay ShineAs a woman and a Filipina, I strive to make myself a better person, mother, partner, daughter and human all the time. And in my work here at I want to share with you tools and resources to being that positive and shining you and living an empowered life. We are all connected (pakikipagkapwa) in the Cosmos and there will be many levels of finding interconnections with each other on this site — overlapping interests such as good food and recipes, travel, wisdom, quotations, art, videos, photos, gatherings, family, friends, and stories—funny, sad, heartening, exhilarating…our individual blogs and links to Philippine sites and other favorites from Pinays everywhere are here for you to explore… and to share!

If you find echoes of your own life experiences in these pages and in any of the links, join us and others in expressing yourself, letting yourself unfold, blossoming from newfound bits and pieces of eternal truths that have always been there, outside the limits of time, space and man-made prejudices. Through contemplation, reflective writing and more contemplation, one could very well find new windows of perception and new doors of experience to open.

Each of us has a light from within and we are all connected. We wish you well and that your life has its share of many beautiful moments.


Mabuhay—LifeLightLove to you, all you do & all you love,
Inday Perla aka Omehra Sigahne