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Artist Statement

Artist Statement

Artist Statement: Through my work, I attempt to explore the phenomenon of cultural memory loss as well as to impart metaphysical healing by blending urban and tribal beliefs. I am inspired by Baybayin, an ancient Filipino script not actively used since 1800’s, as it reflects centuries of forgetfulness from colonization.

What began as a personal journey through quiet anxiety has grown into giving voice to ancient ancestors. I have combined Baybayin script and creative expression in a way that I feel will resonate with people and encourage them to explore their own cultural knowledge.

My mixed media embodies a unique view of cultural traditions, yet familiar imagery allows for a connection to the Filipino American experience: individualism and kapwa (Filipino psychology of togetherness).My work portrays the augmentation of colonization in the Philippine Islands, as well as expressing Filipinos’ whimsical perspective. From time to time, I feel compelled to share my own inner conflict at the urge of the ancient healing practices I am learning through my journey.

I am embraced by the Filipino community where I exhibit my work at various cultural events. My workshops on Baybayin script have been featured in print, local and international TV. Two key pieces of my work are published in “Tayo Literary Magazine,” and I will be launching my first art show at “Linen Life Gallery” in San Leandro, CA.

NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition!” ~ Monty Python

Source Painting by Literatti – An Artistic Blog

Harvest Time, Fernando Amorsolo

Fernando Cueto Amorsolo is one of the most celebrated artists of the Philippines, and the first to be designated a National Artist. He is a portraitist and painter of Philippine rural landscapes, and is particularly noted for his brushwork and his skill in depicting light.


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