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Hi, I'm Perla Daly and am developing I've been a Netizen since 1990. publishing Filipina/Filipino sites and creating online communities with cyberpinoys since 1995. I have been slowly going about publishing this beta site for since 2007! It's taking long only because it is starting out as a grass roots effort.

I was born in the States but grew up in Bacolod City with a big wonderful extended family there. Went to school at St. Scholastica's Academy, an all girls school run by Benedictine nuns and really enjoyed my friends, teachers and the extra curriculars--art club, newsletter, glee club, sports. Learned ballet under Janet Garcia. Took painting lessons and art workshops outside of school. For college I went to both Ateneo de Loyola and U.P. Diliman and had a good dose of student activism during the Marcos dictatorship that opened up my eyes and woke me up to the world at large. I finished up college with a Bachelors in Fine Arts, VisCom with a focus on Editorial Art. Great teachers at the UP Dil College of Fine Arts! I made some wonderful friends from my college days.

Moved back to the States in the 80s, right after people power(see my link to one of my very first web pages).

Met Ken in New York City, got married and started a family in the tri-state area. Love to visit my Filipina friends and family in California. Miss my pinay friends out in NYC and miss my dear neighborhood of New Milford, CT because I moved recently to Austin, TX area. (Still miss family life in the Philippines.) Got some cool new friends (pinay, goddess and otherwise) here!

I also have a lot of non-Filipino friends and colleagues who i love and have great respect for and sometimes get to do some radical things with that is part of healing the world.

love my family. I have three sons who are artistic and funny and smart---like me! have been married for 21 years to Ken, a kind-hearted dude who dances the 2-step really well. he's a great dad to our kids.

I use my free time to publish this website and a couple of others along with some blogs, I also volunteer for the Center for Babaylan Studies, dabble in fused glass art and other art forms, and I created a Babaylan Mandala that people are inspired by. I somehow manage these past times while I work a full time job as a senior art director for a great financial company.

i dream of living half the year in the Philippines and half in the states and travelling around the world.

"List of my blogs and sites":

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