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I am very outspoken, opinionated and incredibly proud to be a Filipina. I am smart, have an odd sense of humour with a loud and contagious laugh for the world. I can be competitive and I love a good challenge. I'm not very good at sports but I make up for it with my dance floor skills and my vocal chords. I am a strong, independent and driven woman that most people would find intimidating.

I love writing songs, essays and poems. At the age of 8, I realised with delight the power of writing as a creative way of expressing one’s self. I admire and appreciate bands and artists who write their own songs and make it an expression of their souls rather than as a quick way of making big bucks.

As I write my own songs too, it really deepens my frown line between my eyebrows seeing videos or songs that have little value or lesson to provide to the world and just offers nothing but sexuality and drugs as an amplified glory of a "successful life".

From a very young age, I've always wanted to travel the world so each new place and country I go to, I take delight in God's wonder and how different each culture is from each other. Like any typical girl, I do enjoy my handbags and shoes and dresses. But don't hold that against me! I can't help my genetic disposition!

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