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Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor, Author at

Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor, Filipina writer |

Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor

Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor has been performing as a storyteller for four years and specializes in stories based on Filipino folktales and Filipino-American history.

Her goal is to present entertaining stories which encourage others to celebrate their uniqueness while fostering the importance of community.

She performs regularly at events sponsored by the Bellingham Storytellers Guild.

Using concepts from Filipino indigenous psychology, she has facilitated writing and leadership workshops locally and at universities such as Washington State University.

She received her MA degree in English with honors from Western Washington University in 2003 and has published her poetry and prose in several literary journals.

Her blog is

Posts By Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor

Breath of the Babaylan

In 2000, I didn’t know I was trying to pass as a white man. I didn’t realize that my internalized racism and sexism was the result of intergenerational trauma. Generations of colonization coupled with the effects of several wars created a mind-set in my family that to survive, a person (more…)Read More

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Old Coyote

26 April 2020 | 8:00 am

I met an Old Coyote last summer. He was taller than I had expected, broader in the chest, and gentler. None of the usual tricks at first glance. Perhaps he was feeling the need to be polite in new company. But like all Coyotes, at least the ones I’ve come across so far, he had […]

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Every Once in a While

22 April 2020 | 8:00 pm

I’ve been reading Charles de Lint books since a friend introduced me to Moonheart in the mid-90s. A contemporary fantasy author, deLint blends the present with the past, moves archtypical characters into complex spaces, and just plain writes a terrific yarn. He’s one of those authors who keeps producing and his pubs list tops over […]

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Passing Glance

18 April 2020 | 8:00 am

A few years ago, I visited the UBC Museum of Anthropology with a friend. Although excited by the prospect of gathering more details for my novel-in-progress, I was also apprehensive. We were going to a place designed to observe Others in neat packages called Artifacts. In 2007, The Sun published “Thought to Exist in the Wild: Awakening […]

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14 April 2020 | 8:00 am

You must always be intoxicated. It is the key to all: the one question. In order not to feel the horrible burden of Time breaking your breaking your back, and bending you to the earth, you must become drunk, without truce. But on What? On wine, poetry, or virtue, as you wish. – Charles Baudelaire […]

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Writing with Sound and Scent

10 April 2020 | 8:00 am

Besides the sweet plot and wonderful visuals, I realized that this video shows us what we do as authors. Our readers rely on us to be their senses – sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste. Without us and their narrator, readers cannot experience our stories and the themes we hope to share.  Out of Sight starts […]

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Life Is Not Fair

6 April 2020 | 8:00 am

A few years ago, a friend introduced me to an awesome webseries: The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers I love not only the incredible choreography and dance talent, but also the concept behind the series. Jon M. Chu “discovered” all the dance talent in the series by watching videos people posted showing what they could do […]

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Giving Way

2 April 2020 | 8:00 am

With the beginning of April 2020, I find myself hopping from space to space, trying to find my groove, my place to express whatever it is I need to be expressing right now.  Over on that side of the Internet, I co-write with author Cat Rambo and a small group of writers doing everything from […]

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Season Without Fruit

15 March 2020 | 8:00 am

In 2010, I published this prose poem in my chapbook “Pause Mid-Flight”. Reading it now, I was likely responding to Christian Fundamentalist rhetoric promising doom to certain groups they routinely dehumanized. There are some eerie echoes in this piece – if I were to rewrite it now, I might talk about toilet paper hoarding. The […]

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Three Things

2 March 2020 | 8:00 pm

One of the things I tell writers who are just starting out is that to be a Writer™, you only need three tools: Something to write with. Something to write on. And a Slinky. A writer, much like any fine artist, can grab just about anything to Write With – pencil, pen, brush, paint, beet […]

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