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Cristina Rose, Author at

Cristina Rose

Grand-daughter of Priscilla of New Mexico and Concepcion of the Philippines, Cristina was born in LA and earned a PhD in San Francisco. She is a women’s studies professor and women’s circle organizer engaged with sustainable ecology and indigenous rooted communities throughout California and the Southwest. Currently, she is celebrating the completion of her dissertation on mestiza-indigenous auto-ethnographic creative texts.

Altogether, her calling is to seek out her motherline (the women of color lineage in her family) through womanist-multicultural writing and art. She has been nurtured by Xicanas, including Cherrie Moraga and Ana Castillo, as well as Filipinas, including Leny Strobel and Ninotchka Rosca. As an artist, she speaks to her Xicana-Pinay multiplicity in the sacred mango fruit and the golondrina. As a writer, she employs academic and literary tools to address multi-vocality. She is now working on a manuscript with a working title, On Becoming a Woman of Color: A Travel Memoir.

Posts By Cristina Rose

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