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jopas, Author at


Free spirit. Free soul. Freedom fighter??? lol.

Spontaneously feisty,creative,no religion but very religious at being spiritual...trouble-shooter to those in trouble who need my help; and trouble-maker to those who hate my guts when I dare help those in trouble against an established personalities or rotten system.:-)`

Seriously now...hmmm...I want to meet honest people. And have a bond with fellow evolved souls...more than intellectual, and beyond superficial.

Posts By jopas

Divine Quality

Divine Quality. The soul can never complete its journey and will never learn all lessons it needs for complete manifestation of its nature without living its life as human when he is. It does not happen without good reason, to be a human. It is one of soul’s divine qualities (more…)Read More

My Way

There are already so many organizations and foundations that have programs to help the needy. What else could I do to make a difference that those organizations haven’t done yet? Considering my lack of resources and very limited financial support, this question seems to lead to an answer that’s not (more…)Read More

Being Human

Why do you have eyes, if not to see? Why do you have ears, if not to hear? Why do you have nose if not to smell? Why do you have mouth,if not to eat and talk? Why do you have brain, if not to think? The blind sees, not (more…)Read More