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Loyva Conje-Fernandez, Author at

Loyva Conje-Fernandez

Loyva is a mother, a wife, a daughter, and events specialist. But more importantly, a human being with eyes opened wide, a suitcase always packed, and sock money waiting to be spent on the next adventure, wherever it may be (or where a visa isn’t so hard to acquire).

Currently fixated on the idea of retirement, she has become a chronic dabbler with a penchant for all things artistic, but is first & foremost a perennial student of the school of life.

Posts By Loyva Conje-Fernandez

Her Inner Light Shines; Her Medicine Cures


By Loyva Conje-Fernandez, Author “I’m no longer on the material plane.” These were the first few words that struck me most about the woman I was sitting across from. It wasn’t just what she said but the way she said it that convinced me how different and amazing she (more…)Read More

Pinay in Nepal: The Land of Dreams, Mountains, and Revelations

By Loyva Conje-Fernandez The encounter began with breathlessness. More than the cold, a disorienting sense of oxygen deprivation made me lose my balance for a second. I held on to bricks; a pile of them welcomed us at the hangar amidst scattered construction materials. The airport seemed suspended in time, (more…)Read More