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Vernon Tapalla


Son of world-famous speech instructor Mrs. Wilma Cruz-Tapalla, Vernon is an erstwhile writer for several publications and constant world traveller who received his training in New York and California. He has achieved innumerable successes, the highlight of which is the creation of his own consulting firm, COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALISTS and the WRITING INSTITUTE.

His Makati office is utilized for training in several communications areas such as Speech Development, Grammar, Public Speaking and Presentation Skills, Personality Development, Selling, and Business Writing. Apart from being the best in his field, he is also a top motivational speaker and is known for his very powerful, highly inspiring, and life-changing program called SUCCESS and CONFIDENCE BUILDING which challenges participants to become their ultimate self.

In the course of his sparkling career, he has trained over 200 private and government institutions. He has also been awarded twice for his efforts: A Jose Rizal Young Professional Award for Business and Industry (headed by former First Lady Loi Ejercito) in 1999, and an Asia-Pacific Young Professional Award for Language and Communication in 2005, given by the Asia-Pacific Excellence Awards and The National Consumers Affairs Foundation to outstanding young achievers from the region.

His seminars are very much in demand, as his dynamic, high-impact approach compels participants to change the way they THINK, COMMUNICATE, and LIVE.

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