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Joyce Gordon Gallery presents a Holiday A.R.T. Salon Exhibit

When: December 7 – December 28, 2012 Opening Reception: First Friday, December 7, 6-9pm Participating artists include: Aziz Diagne, Christine Balza, Chukes, Samantha Chundur, Linda Fong, James Gayles, Renata Gray, Monjett Graham, Gerald Griffin, Anthony J. Hall, April Hankins, Penny Harncharnvej, Woody Johnson, Virginia Jourdan, Eric Murphy, John Neary, Gabriel (more…)Read More

One year and you look at me

2012 has been a challenging year for me. Beginning the year battling the flu, with 6 people in the house it was a daunting task. Seemed like the first few months fl(u)ew by! But life is good and gave many blessings. I was honored with an award by the Joyce (more…)Read More


HALA!!! It has been sooooo long since I logged in… I porgot my password. DUYAN means to cradle, widely accepted in Filipino culture. A hammock fashioned from fabric strung up on opposite points on the wall or ceiling. The material varies: cloth is common, but there are also duyans made (more…)Read More

Artist Statement

Artist Statement: Through my work, I attempt to explore the phenomenon of cultural memory loss as well as to impart metaphysical healing by blending urban and tribal beliefs. I am inspired by Baybayin, an ancient Filipino script not actively used since 1800’s, as it reflects centuries of forgetfulness from colonization. (more…)Read More

From ABC to A BA KA DA…

From ABC to A BA KA DA…Before I get into this aspect of my memories, I must say that my journey has brought me past the worst of it. I have spent years damaged and almost as many years in healing. Now I am honoring those struggles and enjoying the (more…)Read More


Blessing!!! My work is being blessed in ways I’ve never imagined! Last month Tayo Literary Magazine accepted a piece for publication in their 2nd annual issue and later that week they asked for permission for another… I’ve ordered my hard copy and can’t wait until it arrives in the mail!!! (more…)Read More


Support!!!The count down is 3 days left, 10 backers and $355 raised… with $645 to reach the goal $1000. A fraction of what is needed to continue. As an Independant Artist (Indie-Artist, formally known as Starving Artist) I spend alot of time looking for funding. It’s not an easy task, (more…)Read More

More than words…

More than words…My Tagalog isn’t so good but I am forced to read a book on Angting-Angting (protective amulets) written in Tagalog. Quite a challenge but I’m using all the resources available to me, THANK YOU internet! I am learning are the deeper meaning to our Tagalog language. Concepts we, (more…)Read More

A tribute to Imelda Marcos, “here lies love” by David Bryne

On my way home from the Babaylan Conference in April, I was listening to the Public Broadcast Station Radio (a treat for me because the kids weren’t in the car) I was feeling very PILIPINA from the events of the day. Reliving moments, connections I made from fellow Babaylan, feelings (more…)Read More

Pista Sa Nayon

June 5th, also my husband birthday. I have spent the last few weeks cramming in as much art as possible, not completing all the pieces I wanted to put out there. I did a few pieces that I was sure was a hit. Managing my families needs in May and (more…)Read More