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Be solutions-oriented. |

A post from the series Pinay, Shine! 15 Ways to Connect to Liwanag and Shine. Available exclusively at
Be solutions-oriented. |

Being solutions-oriented is a pro-active practice that pushes situations into positive outcomes. It takes more than just thinking positive to be positive.

Being positive can be hard when it comes to challenges that discourage us. Being solutions oriented is a practical approach, in your toolbox of life, for being positive, effective and successful as a human being.

Below I have a sensible series of steps that you can do to be solutions-oriented. These steps can take you farther in life. I also talk about some things that keep you stuck that you can avoid.

See if you might say yes to any of these questions: When you encounter negative situations does your resolve crumble and do you withdraw into your shell? Do you respond to negative feedback with defensiveness or do you respond with the willingness to learn and to find alternatives and options? Do you respond to negative outcomes with fearfulness (for your reputation or job)? Do you respond to problems with blame? Or do you respond to any negative situations and problems with courage, accepting responsibility and resolving to try again?

Taking on a conscious solutions-oriented approach to all your challenges is a practical strategy and action plan that helps you stay a positive person who takes positive action with positive results.

Be solutions oriented.

Stop your whining. Stop your bitching. Stop your drama. Got problems? Be solutions-oriented.

On a scientific perspective we can say that our human brains have evolved to be able to solve problems. Our choices are the playing field to come up with solutions to problems and challenging situations.

From my spiritual perspective, I believe that God has engineered our brains to be able to solve problems! Our free will is a divine gift we have so we can choose pro-active intentions and take steps to always think and act positive.

We can refine our personal outlook towards being open to solutions. We each can develop our selves to be human individuals who take action and always find ways to respond to situations and work to turn things to better outcomes. In this way we can really live with a positive attitude and continuous positive results in our lives.

See your problems as challenges that can be overcome. By always looking for solutions in response to challenges, we can work out better endings for bad situations.

Try out this sensible quick checklist. See if you do any of the following when things get tough. Be honest with yourself:

  • I run away.
  • I do nothing. I withdraw into my shell.
  • I soak in self-pity.
  • I whine.
  • I blame someone or something else.
  • I get defensive.
  • I worry. And worry some more.
  • I become “maldita.” I get mean and lash out.
  • I pull in some drama hoping I could mask the problem or evade the situation.

Just think about these things. Again, just be honest. And also be non-judgmental of yourself. If you said yes to any of the above things than it’s simply time to stop doing them and to change your tactics. Ready to be more positive in worrying situations?

If yes, then from now on (or whenever you’ve psyched yourself up for this practice and you’re ready), start facing troubling situations with an immediate solutions-oriented approach. Switch tactics from the above self-defeating ways and then instead, when things get tough take these steps:

  1. Connect to your Liwanag, Inner Light, and to a Higher Power and ask for strength, enlightenment and guidance.
  2. Identify the problems and issues that you shall now call “challenges”.
  3. Accept responsibility for your part in the situation.
  4. Come up with alternative action options to address the challenges. Write them down if you need to. Rank which options will be most efficient and effective, from highest to lowest, and label them plan A, B, C etc.
  5. Don’t be too attached to the results. Will explain this below.
  6. Implement the solution starting from plan A.
  7. Watch for outcome.
  8. If outcome doesn’t play out well enough, that’s okay! Especially if you weren’t too attached to the outcome anyway.
  9. Learn from what does not work!! And implement what you learn into the alternative solutions of plan B, C etc.
  10. Repeat steps if necessary and until resolution is arrived at.

Keep on coming up with solutions.  Keep on getting better at these steps.

Sometimes you will need to step back and look at the bigger picture (also read Connect to something bigger). Focus on the orientation of being solutions-oriented. Taking full breaths when things are stressful helps you stay clear-minded and solutions-oriented.

Be solutions-oriented. | Pinay.comCome up with solutions to sticky situations you are in.

Be a problem-solver of your own problems.

If you are solutions-oriented you will not just solve problems, you will eliminate obstacles and climb steps to achieving your goals. This is a formula for success.

A solutions-oriented attitude can help your life move up and out of dark and depressing sludge and forward into crystal clarity and brightness. (Also see Flip negativity on its head.)


“Dialogue is about finding the deepest truth, telling it with the most amount of care, being curious to hear the truth that lives in another person, and moving toward solutions that work for everyone.”

    –Miki Kashtan

Be solutions-oriented. | Pinay.comHonestly, for all the effort it takes to be solutions-oriented in our every day lives with dealing with people, it can be draining as we strive to do our best and always be our best human selves. That’s why a practice of breathing consciously and deeply is another practice, from our toolbox of life, to help us along with coming up with solutions easily. Good stuff.

Diffuse the judgment of your inner critic by being solutions-oriented. Life will have many challenges for us. And there will always be times that these challenges tire us and drain us. We each can only try and try again.

We each can practice being solutions-oriented and taking deep breaths along the way.

Quick summary: Identify a problem. Don’t whine and dwell in self-pity. End blame. No need to be a maldita or meany. Take responsibility and accept the challenge of the situation. Move on to finding and implementing solutions. Learn from what doesn’t work. Keep on finding and applying solutions. It’s a good formula for win-win outcomes and a life-well-lived. If we all keep on doing these things we can get better at the game of life. And, along the way, the journey will be easier and the outcome good and satisfying to our souls.

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