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Being Filipina is a Gift |

A post from the series Pinay, Shine! 15 Ways to Connect to Liwanag and Shine. Available exclusively to

“This place where you are right now,
God circled on a map for you.”

Para sa mga kauturan ko nga mga Pinay/ for my sister Pinays: 

You were born a Filipina for a reason.

Pinays, being Filipina is a gift. | Pinay.comBeing Filipina is intrinsically woven into the human life gifted to you when you were born to Earth.

Take a moment and sit with the thought and the feelings that there’s a reason that you were born a woman, and a Filipino… born among Filipinos… to Filipino parent/s… born to an ancestry that existed throughout the history of the Philippines…

Consider that you are exactly where you are supposed to be—having the family you came from, the traditions you have, the food and culture that you grew up with—all these things shaped your personality and are the foundation of your worldview.

Some times “being Filipina” comes up in conversations or thoughts when we think of ourselves in a world setting. Or when we are with someone or with others who are not Filipino or from the Philippines.

Else most times, we are just human beings living and breathing, getting on with our day to day lives, at rare times conscious of our being human, or being female… and at times aware that we are Filipino. We learn and perform our roles as daughters, sisters, mothers, wives or partners…

“We are women, born of Philippine people, living in the Philippine Islands or abroad. And there it is in our existence—a love of our family, our heritage, as we struggle to flow from day to day, to survive, to uplift ourselves.”

I’m Filipina and proud to be so. You probably are too. And maybe you’re here, reading this post at, because you not only feel the same way but also because you’re trying to deepen your connections to what it means to be a Filipina.

Pinays, being Filipina is a gift. | invites you to ponder why you were born a Filipina.

Here are some things you do when you’ve accepted the gift of being Filipina…

  • Being proud to be Filipina and representing Filipinos in their best light
  • Recognizing what makes Filipinos and the Philippines special…
  • Caring for your kapwa Filipino and helping other Filipinos rise and shine in a world setting

Accepting the gift of being Filipina means recognizing and embodying the good traits that your family have… what your Nanays, Titas, Lolas and ates/manangs/big sisters passed on to you. Here are some things that I gathered from my life and from my friends and family:

    • Filipinos have good hearts. We are good with people.
    • We are warm and hospitable. When someone comes along while we are eating we always say, “Let’s eat.” “Kaon na.” “Kain na.”
    • We have resilient spirits through and despite hardships.Pinays, being Filipina is a gift. |
  • We are committed to family.
  • We are warm and affectionate.
  • We have a deep love for God—a deep spirituality and faith that gives confidence in self.
  • We are a happy people and have infectious smiles.
  • We have a sense of humor.
  • We like story telling, singing and dancing.
  • We have intuitive knowing and are emotionally strong. Filipino people have an ability termed pakikiramdam – inner perceptions of our emotions—to guide us, and help us navigate our way through relationships, events, life…

Pinays, we know you have things to add about being Filipina and recognizing that aspect of your life as a gift. So please tell us about yourself and share your own thoughts and insights in the comments field below. Or better yet, we invite you to write about your own views on this topic and submit it for sharing here with our sisters and with the world at

And with this post,, continues to invite Filipinas in celebrating being Pinay. 

Love being Filipina. Be a loving Filipina.

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Pinays, you too can share why you feel that you love being Filipina too and get a chance to win prizes. Join the Proud Pinay contest now!

Originally published Jan 19, 2014



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Omehra is also known as Inday Perla, Perla Daly, BagongPinay and NewFilipina.

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