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Blessing!!! My work is being blessed in ways I’ve never imagined!

Last month Tayo Literary Magazine accepted a piece for publication in their 2nd annual issue and later that week they asked for permission for another… I’ve ordered my hard copy and can’t wait until it arrives in the mail!!!

It wasn’t long after that a gallery contacted me to launch an art show. Linen Life Gallery wants my work there as a permanent exhibit!!!

I figured if I put it out there my ancestors will return my call!!! Recently I sent out a couple grant request and am asking for sponsors to help with needed supplies to fill the space and fulfill the dreams I don’t even remember having…

I’ve sent out request for funding before but I got an opportunity of a life time!!! If I don’t get funding I think it may rain bamboo poles or paint!!!

Bahala na… it’s all good!!!


Magina sa Banig by Nestor Leynes.

Leynes’ subjects are typically scenes of Philippine rural life, ranging from women sifting rice to harvest scenes. He is best known for his favorite subject, that of the mother and child.

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