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Blog Count: (4) Meet the Healthy Pinay |

Blog Count:  (4) Meet the Healthy Pinay
Mirabai Sebastian, the Healthy Pinay is a proud vegan.
Tish Leizens

At 22, Mirabai Sebastian, the Healthy Pinay, knows what she wants. She wants to be healthy, definitely, and only way she wants to do it is the vegan way.

“I’m 100% vegan and highly advocate this lifestyle as I believe in animal rights, equality and living cruelty-free. Finding this path was the best thing that ever happened to me so I just want to share it with anyone willing to listen,” she says.

Her other passion is fashion. Manila-based Sebastian will be graduating this year from Fashion Design in Raffles Design Institute Manila. Fitness is important to her. She is currently a part-time trainer in Performance Kinetix.

Blog Count No 4 -  Meet the Healthy Pinay (2)

Below is our conversation with the Healthy Pinay.

How long have you been blogging?

I started blogging a few years ago but I was then running a fashion blog. Through the years my interests changed and I became more passionate about health and fitness and wanted to help others make healthier choices. I also really wanted to spread the vegan message for anyone interested to know more about it since most people I meet don’t know what it really means.

Why are you so passionate about being healthy?

I discovered how good it feels to be eating and living healthy, I just want to share this amazing lifestyle. Ever since I went vegan, I’ve had more energy and seldom do I get sick. I learned how diseases are all connected to diet and lifestyle. I’ve met some people that have reversed their diabetes, arthritis, and other diseases just by following a low-fat vegan diet.

It seems like you cook or bake? Which one is your favorite recipe? 

I love to cook and I used to bake all the time. Nowadays I usually just use a blender and a knife to chop. When I do cook I like to stick with a simple stew and some rice. My sister and I make vegan sushi or spring rolls. I usually like to make smoothies and salads.

 What else are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about animal rights. I’m also passionate about fashion but I’ve taken a new perspective because now I take into consideration the environmental side of it. I’m almost done with my Fashion Design course so I plan to promote the use of our local and eco-friendly materials.

What is a regular day like for our Healthy Pinay?

A regular day for me would depend if I have school or not. So maybe I will just share what my food for a day would look like. I usually start my day with 1.5-2 liters of water, then a nice 2-liter smoothie, either a green smoothie or a regular smoothie.

The Healthy Pinay

Being healthy is a way of life. Some of the things The Healthy Pinay eats on a regular basis.

What kind of daily diet do you have?

I follow a low-fat high-carb vegan diet which consists of mostly raw fruits and vegetable with the occasional rice or cooked veggies meal if I am out of ripe fruit. I do not take in anything that comes from animals. I eat food as close to it’s natural state and I stay away from ingredients I do not understand or know the effect it has to our bodies.

Do you have a fitness goal?

I have fitness goals because without giving yourself goals, you will not be able to progress. I am also very passionate in helping people do the proper movements as well as putting the proper food in their bodies. I know that good health is both proper nutrition and physical fitness.

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All photos are courtesy of the Healthy Pinay.

Tish Leizens

Tish Leizens is a great believer in asking lots of questions. That was how she was trained as a business journalist for newspapers and magazines. That was how she survived trying moments in her personal life and how she navigated a successful career and business in media. In 1997, she asked, “Why not?” And so, she moved from Manila to New York City. It was and continues to be a great adventure. After stints as a reporter for Manila Chronicle and Manila Times; correspondent for The Straits Times and Gulf News; Tish worked as editor for Conde Nast, and later edited and published her own regional magazines, OurHouse and Excursions. OurHouse, sold in bookstores chains in the East Coast, was nationally recognized for its innovative approach to magazine publishing. Tish has lectured at the New York Public Library on how to launch a magazine and other topics related to publishing. She was featured in CNN Money in 2010.

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  1. I love what the Healthy Pinay shares!! I hope lots of other Filipinas discover her blog!

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