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Do Filipina Stereotypes Control You?

Are you ashamed to be a filipina? you’ve been disempowered then. so take back your power, already! I am glad to know that there are many, many filipinos who are proud of being who they are. there is a little thrill within me when i see this in the mother (more…)Read More

Dating Google Ads! Oh no!

Dear Members, Dating Google Ads! Oh no! It is 7:15 AM on Friday, June 4, 2010 and I discovered all these dating site ads throughout the site. That is so wrong and I want to apologize for that. many many apologies to you all. I am working as fast as (more…)Read More

My first blog ever

See through the eyes of a Fil-Am Artist struggling to make it through the day… Today is a good day, I’m getting ready for the Pista Sa Nayon celebration in Vallejo 6/5/10. I am sooo far behind it’s crazy but bahala na, let me play on the blog for a (more…)Read More

A Product Advertorial for Sponsors

A message to our sponsors: You can promote your company with a feature-style advertorial such as this page where you can place uses images of your products along with your promotional copy. Sample product image can be displayed here with your copy. All the images can link to specific pages at your company’s website.   (more…)Read More

Hi, I’m Super Pinay

I’ve never blogged before so this is going to be a new adventure for me. I’m pretty much a little known super hero, mostly known to those people I rescue. Super-hero-ing is a passion of mine. Some call me a heroine, and feminists might call me a she-ro. But I (more…)Read More

Kumusta, I’m your publisher!

(Posted on October 31, 2009, Beta launch of Hello, everyone! I’m Perla and I’m your publisher for I’m still doing the work of getting this beta baby off the ground and working closely with Nimrod Abing of Arsenic web development to get this site going. Through my (more…)Read More

Filipino American History Month

Reposted from Baylan’s FilAm News – Thanks Baylan! Filipino American HISTORY Month – Why October? October is Filipino American History Month. In 1991, the Filipino American National Historical Society (FANHS) issued a Resolution that declared October as Filipino American History Month. This year the State of California officially recognized it in (more…)Read More