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Breathe Fully |


A post from the series Pinay, Shine! 15 Ways to Connect to Liwanag and Shine. Available exclusively to members.

Breathe Fully |

The Spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Almighty gives me life.

—Book of Job 33:4

the mind is the master of the senses. the breath is the master of the mind.
— yogi master

Get into the habit of checking your breathing. It brings you into the present. Bring your breath to fullness. Regular and full breaths bring you clarity, renewed energy and an inner glow.

Check your breath right now. Are your breaths short and shallow? Are you holding your breath? Whatever it is just be aware of it. Then on your next breath cycle bring your breathing to fullness—full, regular breathe cycles. Full inhale, full exhale. Give your body cells the fresh air that it needs. Let your body release that which it no longer needs.


Breathing brings in fresh oxygen to your body and expels carbon dioxide and unneeded toxins from your blood supply. This fresh oxygen is also called prana, universal life Force, by eastern traditions.

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