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Filipinas living a positive life

It’s Tea Time!!!

Welcome to my blog. It’s Tea Time!!! This is my first entry. Wow! I’m glad there’s a decent site for Filipinas. Yes we rule! From homes to the country, we are the women who make things possible for our men and families. We love best! So don’t you under estimate, (more…)Read More

Pinayism and Family

Pinayism and Family: As a writer and community organizer, I have very little hesitation about putting my business out into the public world. Many of my activist friends never discuss their romantic relationships, partnerships, struggles with lovers— instead of sharing their own stories of domestic abuse, they hold a workshop (more…)Read More

Pinayism and Family

Pinayism and Family: I am finally leaving an abusive partner. It is hard because he is the father of my child, he is the man I wanted to “spend the rest of my life with.” I grew up with both of my parents. They were the only parents I knew, (more…)Read More


Support!!!The count down is 3 days left, 10 backers and $355 raised… with $645 to reach the goal $1000. A fraction of what is needed to continue. As an Independant Artist (Indie-Artist, formally known as Starving Artist) I spend alot of time looking for funding. It’s not an easy task, (more…)Read More

I don’t go around saying “I’m Filipina”

Yes, I am the publisher of several sites for Filipinas that other Filipinas help build content for, like this site at I also created and publish sites that are a part of my own search for Filipino identity. I chaired an international Filipina leadership conference in New York city (more…)Read More

The Real

Some other sites, like dating sites, try to increase their hits by cheating or falsely giving their html page a title value with text of “” in it. These dating sites have the one purpose of connecting men around the world with Filipinas who would like to get married and (more…)Read More

More than words…

More than words…My Tagalog isn’t so good but I am forced to read a book on Angting-Angting (protective amulets) written in Tagalog. Quite a challenge but I’m using all the resources available to me, THANK YOU internet! I am learning are the deeper meaning to our Tagalog language. Concepts we, (more…)Read More

Stereotype: ME SO HUNGRY- in Austin Stereotype: ME SO HUNGRY- in Austin: Please visit this link to read my response to stereotypical Asian images perpetuated by an Austin food vendor Source Painting by Literatti – An Artistic Blog Returning Fisherman, Fernando Amorsolo The Philippine artist Fernando Amorsolo (1892-1972) was a portraitist and painter of rural land (more…)Read More

Fabulous Filipina cyberspace presence campaign

What are all these fabulous filipina banners floating around the pages? The following was first posted at in 2004 for the Fabulous Filipina cyberspace presence campaign When i was growing up and as a young adult, i had the closed-hearted, small notion that the world was only big (more…)Read More


Is optimism the secret to youth? I conquered my fear of heights when i learned how to ski at the edge of mountains. From my ancestors and having lived a bit, i get fire in my blood, wind in my spirit, earthiness in my attitude, and love flowing from my (more…)Read More