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Pinay Opens Up on Raising Multicultural Son


Cultural Identity has always fascinated me, particularly because I am a Filipina by birth, though raised by a white American family. As much as I have become Americanized, I have always strived to have a sense of cultural pride. I was born in the Philippines and adopted at the age (more…)Read More

Movie Showcases Modern Pinay Traits

Empowering is how to describe the image of the modern Filipina after watching the most recent romance film, “Maybe This Time,” that opened in Philippine cinemas last May 28. The movie is a collaboration of Star Cinema and Viva Films and stars Coco Martin, Ruffa Gutierrez and Sarah Geronimo.  The two (more…)Read More

Philippines Independence Day, June 2014 celebrates the Philippines’ Independence Day or Araw ng Kalayaan (June 12) and Father’s Day (June 15) this month. Read our writers’ take on these two events. Lorial Crowder shares her perspective in Don’t Forget to Honor Our National Heroes and Jennifer Bichara talks about the sacrifices fathers make to care for (more…)Read More

Don’t Forget to Honor Our National Heroes

What does Philippine Independence Day really mean? Independence Day or Araw ng Kalayaan (Day of Freedom) is a national holiday that is celebrated annually in the Philippines. It marks the country’s Independence from Spain on June 12, 1898. The raising of the Philippine flag is a significant part of the (more…)Read More

Oh Father! My Father! Bless Your Noble Soul


Father’s Day is a celebration honoring all fathers, fatherhood, paternal bonds and the influence of fathers in every society. In the Philippines, Father’s Day is not an official holiday but it is widely observed on the 3rd Sunday of June, which falls on June 15 this year. Our fathers are (more…)Read More

Pinays for Bingo!

The game that has a special place in our hearts Photo courtesy of WiseMarketing and Bingo, that globally renowned game of chance that involves marking off numbers on cards, has long had a place in Philippine history. The game was first brought into the archipelago by religious missionaries and (more…)Read More

Philippine Heritage Month, May 2014 shares this month’s celebration of our heritage. Let us get to know ourselves, who we are, where we come from and why we sparkle and shine. Here are two stories that will light up your day: Mabuhay! Your Light Shines On Us  by MT Vallarta and T’boli Mothers Take (more…)Read More

Mabuhay! Your Light Shines on Us


When you hear the word Pinay, what comes to mind? “Resilience. Resistance. Strength. Struggle. Beautiful narratives.”— Malaya, 20 “My mother. My aunts.”—J.N., 31 “…a long line of strong courageous women.”—Alyssa, 24 “…the amazing perseverance of Filipinos that I continue to see in the community today.”—Justine, 23 A Pinay is a (more…)Read More

Pinay Finds Success as Nurse and Singer


Marielle Castro, a Filipina nurse by profession and based in Dubai, is passionate, persevering and inspiring people through her music. “I started singing when I was young. I remember singing during my Kindergarten years,” says Castro. Now, at 25, she is making a name for herself, less than a year (more…)Read More

T’boli Mothers Take Part in Saving Culture


Vivian Antang, a young Pinay T’boli mother of three, listened intently to the speaker in front who enumerated the elements of a good children’s story. A few seats away from her is Sally Dala, her neighbor who seemed to enjoy remembering numerous indigenous games of their tribe. On her left (more…)Read More