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Kalasimbago Para Sii Ku Kalilintad: How to Make Peace in Mindanao


By Yasmira Moner, Author Let me tell you the story of a journey towards peace with fellow explorers from the other side of the world. These beautiful creatures are with me, to tell the world that peace is the way to go. Here at home, in Lanao, we have (more…)Read More

Fab Pinays: Beauty Queen Talks

By Jaycon Yaneza Ever since Philippines sent its representative to international beauty pageants in the 50’s more than a dozen of fabulous Pinays have brought pride to the country. It was proven in the world of international pageantry that Filipinos have a penchant for beauty pageants and beauty queens. Filipino (more…)Read More

Helpful emergency support links for Typhoon Haiyan – DONATE Now

Victims of Yolanda need your help. The organizations listed below are mobilizing and deploying major disaster relief efforts. See how you can lend support, and check back for further updates. Please note donors are advised to conduct due diligence before donating money directly to a personal bank account.  Don’t forgot (more…)Read More

Deliciously Plump Pinay Rocks Beauty Standards

Interview by Ruth Alfonso Alarcon. Ed. by Hamida Bisnar. The essence of beauty is no longer boxed to a specific standard set by God-knows-who. But sisters Danah and Stacey Gutierez, the Plump Pinays, can pin down the culprit. It’s the media that “bombard very unnatural images that make us want (more…)Read More

“Life is a Dance” Book by Marissa J. Hartwig, Filipina

A personal journey of living life as a dance, finding inspiration, creativity, discovery, and the realization of the divine. Marissa J. Hartwig Filipina Author of Life is a Dance Book. Click to tweet this story here. More information at Through her life experiences, utilizing prose and poetry, the author uses (more…)Read More

Destruction of Beauty

There are few things left on earth that I still believe are untainted beauty. I consider the smile of a baby, a rising sun breaking dawn, a snoring puppy or simply staring at nature and being mesmerized by it all and leaves you in wonder. Palawan is an island wherein (more…)Read More

The first featured Filipino member at!

Antonio Ingles is the first Filipino member for the week of 1/28/11! Deservedly so as he joined and as I got to know him better it turns out he is the founder of Aral Pinoy, a Philippine NGO. Aral Pinoy ay Pagaaral na Alagang Pinoy. Aral Pinoy is (more…)Read More

Fabulous Filipina cyberspace presence campaign

What are all these fabulous filipina banners floating around the pages? The following was first posted at in 2004 for the Fabulous Filipina cyberspace presence campaign When i was growing up and as a young adult, i had the closed-hearted, small notion that the world was only big (more…)Read More

A tribute to Imelda Marcos, “here lies love” by David Bryne

On my way home from the Babaylan Conference in April, I was listening to the Public Broadcast Station Radio (a treat for me because the kids weren’t in the car) I was feeling very PILIPINA from the events of the day. Reliving moments, connections I made from fellow Babaylan, feelings (more…)Read More