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When Indigenous Peoples Are Evicted or Displaced, We Are All Culpable

The last time Leny wrote for me and my online publications was in 1999 when she wrote about pagbabalikloob. This week she writes about Bai Bibyaon, indigenous Filipinos, their plight and how they are our kapwa. At our essence, we “modernized” and global Filipinos are still connected to them, despite the differences (more…)Read More

Millie Kilayko, Filipina philanthropist and artist

Every person is born with a purpose. While some are still trying to determine what their calling truly is, here’s a Filipina who knew her calling early in life. Millie Kilayko is the founder and CEO of Negrense Volunteers for Change Foundation, Inc. (NVC), a significant non-profit organization in Bacolod (more…)Read More

Don’t Forget to Honor Our National Heroes

What does Philippine Independence Day really mean? Independence Day or Araw ng Kalayaan (Day of Freedom) is a national holiday that is celebrated annually in the Philippines. It marks the country’s Independence from Spain on June 12, 1898. The raising of the Philippine flag is a significant part of the (more…)Read More

Mabuhay! Your Light Shines on Us


When you hear the word Pinay, what comes to mind? “Resilience. Resistance. Strength. Struggle. Beautiful narratives.”— Malaya, 20 “My mother. My aunts.”—J.N., 31 “…a long line of strong courageous women.”—Alyssa, 24 “…the amazing perseverance of Filipinos that I continue to see in the community today.”—Justine, 23 A Pinay is a (more…)Read More