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A tribute to Imelda Marcos, “here lies love” by David Bryne

On my way home from the Babaylan Conference in April, I was listening to the Public Broadcast Station Radio (a treat for me because the kids weren’t in the car) I was feeling very PILIPINA from the events of the day. Reliving moments, connections I made from fellow Babaylan, feelings (more…)Read More

Pista Sa Nayon

June 5th, also my husband birthday. I have spent the last few weeks cramming in as much art as possible, not completing all the pieces I wanted to put out there. I did a few pieces that I was sure was a hit. Managing my families needs in May and (more…)Read More

Do Filipina Stereotypes Control You?

Are you ashamed to be a filipina? you’ve been disempowered then. so take back your power, already! I am glad to know that there are many, many filipinos who are proud of being who they are. there is a little thrill within me when i see this in the mother (more…)Read More

My first blog ever

See through the eyes of a Fil-Am Artist struggling to make it through the day… Today is a good day, I’m getting ready for the Pista Sa Nayon celebration in Vallejo 6/5/10. I am sooo far behind it’s crazy but bahala na, let me play on the blog for a (more…)Read More

Hi, I’m Super Pinay

I’ve never blogged before so this is going to be a new adventure for me. I’m pretty much a little known super hero, mostly known to those people I rescue. Super-hero-ing is a passion of mine. Some call me a heroine, and feminists might call me a she-ro. But I (more…)Read More