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Pinay Mothers Speak on Special Day


Our mothers, nanays, play very important roles in our lives. They bring us warmth and comfort and take care of our needs. They are as we say ilaw nang tahanan or light of our home. At times, Pinay mothers have to sacrifice their own happiness and leave their families behind (more…)Read More

Travel: Love Story in a Caribbean Island

I once met a Spanish dreamer who said that “travel is a love story.” My husband and I had just arrived at her little rustic inn hidden by trees from the rest of Little Corn Island, and she had asked me what I did for a living.  I told her I (more…)Read More

TV Host Shares Her Story Between Takes


Veronica Baluyut-Jimenez has a hectic daily schedule. This Pinay navigates her time between interviewing guests, appearing on television, attending board meetings and keeping everything in check at home, with husband, Honorary Consul General of Timor Leste Lito Jimenez, and five children. “My show The Veronica Chronicles, a one-hour investigative documentary is (more…)Read More

Ex-Drug Addict Michelle Perez Turns New Leaf


She was a Pinay child actress and drug addict in her younger years but now Manila-based Michelle Perez, 43, is a woman of strength, courage and persistence. “I turned my life around when one day I was alone in the balcony of my house and I asked myself—how long will (more…)Read More

Her Inner Light Shines; Her Medicine Cures


By Loyva Conje-Fernandez, Author “I’m no longer on the material plane.” These were the first few words that struck me most about the woman I was sitting across from. It wasn’t just what she said but the way she said it that convinced me how different and amazing she (more…)Read More

Yolanda Chronicles: Hungry Bats

I did not realize till then that my humble garden trees were feeding the bats too. I looked at the bare hills, the battered grass, the uprooted trees all around me. The levelled homes of humans. by Merlie Alunan Three trees were growing in my thumb-size yard, a pomelo from (more…)Read More

Pinay Backpack: South Cotabato, from Nature to Culture


By Anna Liz Cabrido This is a place for Pinay backpackers who look for a taste of nature and culture in Southern Philippines. South Cotabato, the land of the “Dream Weavers” is located in SOCCSKSARGEN region, a barely 45-minute drive from the bustling city of General Santos which is known (more…)Read More

Deliciously Plump Pinay Rocks Beauty Standards

Interview by Ruth Alfonso Alarcon. Ed. by Hamida Bisnar. The essence of beauty is no longer boxed to a specific standard set by God-knows-who. But sisters Danah and Stacey Gutierez, the Plump Pinays, can pin down the culprit. It’s the media that “bombard very unnatural images that make us want (more…)Read More

“Life is a Dance” Book by Marissa J. Hartwig, Filipina

A personal journey of living life as a dance, finding inspiration, creativity, discovery, and the realization of the divine. Marissa J. Hartwig Filipina Author of Life is a Dance Book. Click to tweet this story here. More information at Through her life experiences, utilizing prose and poetry, the author uses (more…)Read More

The Filipina on Top: Deconstructing Maria Clara

The documentary film creates awareness on the harsh realities Filipinas face: Getting to the heart of the Pinay’s Madonna-Whore Syndrome Is the modern Filipina well-informed enough not to fall into bad situations? Or are we unknowingly contributing to our own problems? This film, Filipina on Top, revolves around the empowerment (more…)Read More