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Your Circle of Love Thoughts for Valentine’s Day in a new millennium.

What is the size of your circle of Love? Do you love only your family and friends? Do you love only your family and have little room for friends? Do you love friends and family and also love people in general? Do you love your pets or love Nature but (more…)Read More

2011 is here! Mabuhay—may you and yours be filled with Life, Light and Love

Dearest members and visitors: What does it mean to be Pinay or Pinoy in the Motherland and on Mother Earth? I have an inkling but it still seems to be a whole life journey. What I know most especially though is that I am very proud to be a (more…)Read More

My Way

There are already so many organizations and foundations that have programs to help the needy. What else could I do to make a difference that those organizations haven’t done yet? Considering my lack of resources and very limited financial support, this question seems to lead to an answer that’s not (more…)Read More

Being Human

Why do you have eyes, if not to see? Why do you have ears, if not to hear? Why do you have nose if not to smell? Why do you have mouth,if not to eat and talk? Why do you have brain, if not to think? The blind sees, not (more…)Read More

Artist Statement

Artist Statement: Through my work, I attempt to explore the phenomenon of cultural memory loss as well as to impart metaphysical healing by blending urban and tribal beliefs. I am inspired by Baybayin, an ancient Filipino script not actively used since 1800’s, as it reflects centuries of forgetfulness from colonization. (more…)Read More

Sark and the Succulent Wild Women

This book, Sark and the Succulent Wild Women, helped me open up my heart and mind to my womanhood. I wrote the following review in 2003 at I remember speaking to a group of women in 2002 in the Philippines at a workshop on women’s wisdom. When I told them (more…)Read More

From ABC to A BA KA DA…

From ABC to A BA KA DA…Before I get into this aspect of my memories, I must say that my journey has brought me past the worst of it. I have spent years damaged and almost as many years in healing. Now I am honoring those struggles and enjoying the (more…)Read More


Blessing!!! My work is being blessed in ways I’ve never imagined! Last month Tayo Literary Magazine accepted a piece for publication in their 2nd annual issue and later that week they asked for permission for another… I’ve ordered my hard copy and can’t wait until it arrives in the mail!!! (more…)Read More

Maganda ka! Ikaw ay indio. Ikaw ay Pilipino.

Charmain Clamor sings to you, Brown Pinays… “Girl, I think you’re outta sight. You ARE beautiful. Maganda ka! Ikaw ay indio. Ikaw ay Pilipino. You’re my funny brown Pinay. Sweet, funny brown pinay.” Her YouTube Video, My Funny Brown Pinay, is Fabulous Filipina link of the week, August 28, 2010. (more…)Read More

It’s Tea Time!!!

Welcome to my blog. It’s Tea Time!!! This is my first entry. Wow! I’m glad there’s a decent site for Filipinas. Yes we rule! From homes to the country, we are the women who make things possible for our men and families. We love best! So don’t you under estimate, (more…)Read More