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Confidence Visualization Exercise |


Confidence Visualization Exercise from

This is an exercise that goes with 10 Sparkling Tips For More Confidence.

Bonus confidence visualization exercise:

Do this exercise for a few minutes when you’re not going to be disturbed.

  1. Close your eyes and relax by taking 3 cleansing breaths.
  2. Say a prayer of yours and/or an intention of good deeds and a balanced life.
  3. Then with your mind’s eye, see yourself surrounded by a pleasant white or white-golden light. This light has a calm, pleasant feeling. Now shape the light into a large bubble or sphere of light all around you—the circumference is above you, in front, at the back, at your sides, and below you, passing into the ground.
  4. Keep yourself in this sphere of light and continue breathing. Now as you inhale, imagine a beautiful white, clear light, coming from the Universe or from God, flowing into you from the top of your head—flowing down through you, into your body, and as you exhale down it flows out through the bottom of your feet into the ground.
  5. Now keep on breathing and as you inhale, see your heart center filling up with light and glowing. Allow the light filling your whole body up until your whole being glows and the light sphere all around you grows brighter too.
  6. Grow your glow. Continue breathing a few more times and then make your glow reach past your stretched out arms length and up to 6 feet on all sides… Feeling daring? Then increase your glow to 10 and even up to 22 feet all around you!
  7. Say to yourself, I am safe and protected.
  8. Next, say to yourself the following: 
    • I am worthy of love. I love myself. I love people. I love my life.
    • I am confident and attractive.
    • There is good in my life and I bring good to others.
      Repeat any of these affirmations until it feels right. Say them in any order.
  9. When you feel satisfied and good inside and out, smile.
  10. Give thanks for the blessings in your life. Open your eyes and continue on with your day.

Then when you encounter other people, practice the 10 Sparkling Tips For More Confidence and picture your light glowing within and outside of you and touching others.

When you’ve done this exercise enough times on your own, later you can also do it when you’re out and about. While somewhere safe, at work, sipping tea, commuting, standing at the bus/train stop, taking a break at your desk, you can do a quick form of this exercise with your eyes open… soften your gaze, go into a brief daydreaming state, slow your breath, picture your Liwanag or Light and say the affirmations.

Let us know how these tips and exercises work for you. Sparkle on!

Let your inner light sparkle, glimmer, and shine, Pinay! Here's a confidence visualization exercise from #pinaydotcom



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