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Blog Count: 1 Meet Dutched Pinay Travels |

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Tish Leizens

At we are always fascinated by bloggers and what they have to say. We scour the world to look for interesting Pinays and Pinay-loving bloggers to feature. We want to be inspired and serve as the venue to inspire others.

This week starts our new blog series we call Blog Count. Our first in a series—it will come out twice a month—is a chat with Dutched Pinay Travels. We don’t really know her real name. Somehow in the new world order where we are losing privacy by the second, Dutched Pinay Travels, in her 40s and based in Utrecht, Netherlands, half an hour away from Amsterdam, has managed to keep her real life privacy separate from her online travel blogging world. We respect that and are thrilled that she agreed to share her travel diary and fabulous pictures. We caught up with her in Corfu, Greece.

Why do you like to blog so much?

The year 2014 marks my 10 years of continuous blogging. What keeps me going in journaling a part of my life is the purpose behind the blog. The blog serves as a diary of memories about the passion that has taken a large chunk of my life: travel. When I am old and cannot do much I can always look back to my blog and say—Ah, I have indeed lived.

What type of things do you want to blog?

My blog topics are about my travels, the places I have discovered, the food I have tasted, the culture I have experienced, the architecture that I saw, the people I have met, the adventures I have encountered and the history I have learned. With that said—anything really during my travels that is worth a story to remember, I will blog it, after all it is about my memories.

In addition, I also love checking out nice places to hangout aka hotspots, especially those with a stylish ambiance and beautiful panoramic views.

Tell me what is your life like in Netherlands.

Because I do not have children my life is quite different compared to most women my age. My life revolves around my full time career, the Dutchman, a few friends I hang out with and travelling.

During the week it is work. When not travelling, the weekends are spent mostly at home with the Dutchman. Surprisingly, I am very much a homebody as much as a traveller.

How many countries have you visited? 

About 43 countries I believe at the moment, however, I am not a big fan of the tick-the-bucket-country-list type of travel marathon. The destination is obviously important but the actual journey and experience are the elements that makes travel and everything about it exciting and fulfilling.

Tell me which one is the most memorable and why.

My summer beach holidays with the Dutchman are always the memorable ones. Even though I travel a lot solo, I guess it goes to say that what really makes our travels special is the loved one you share it with.

I have however found the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan quite amazing, especially standing from the site where Lawrence of Arabia took refuge and looking into the vast desert sand landscape that used to be the bottom of the sea millions of years ago.

Is there something about blogging that surprised you?

Nothing really, although I have naturally made my own observations. Suffice to say, I have seen blogs and bloggers come and go. If you incorporate obsessive networking and a zealous online marketing strategy, your blog will eventually become popular. However, there are very few popular blogs out there that didn’t succumbed to commercialization and loss of privacy.

What is next for Dutched Pinay?

Blogging consistenly is a strength of mine so you can expect that I will continue to journal a part of my life, with the purpose of course in mind, until the lights are dimmed.

Winter in Amsterdam. Skating on the Kiezersgracht Canal.

Winter in Amsterdam. Skating on the Kiezersgracht Canal

You can read more about Dutched Pinay Travels in her travel diary. All photos are courtesy of our featured blogger.

Blog Count is all about Pinays who sparkle and shine. We plan to feature our members. Can you inspire us? Do you have something to share? You too can be featured in Blog Count. Email Tish Leizens, the chief editor at Let’s start a conversation. 

Originally published Jul 2, 2014

Tish Leizens

Tish Leizens is a great believer in asking lots of questions. That was how she was trained as a business journalist for newspapers and magazines. That was how she survived trying moments in her personal life and how she navigated a successful career and business in media. In 1997, she asked, “Why not?” And so, she moved from Manila to New York City. It was and continues to be a great adventure. After stints as a reporter for Manila Chronicle and Manila Times; correspondent for The Straits Times and Gulf News; Tish worked as editor for Conde Nast, and later edited and published her own regional magazines, OurHouse and Excursions. OurHouse, sold in bookstores chains in the East Coast, was nationally recognized for its innovative approach to magazine publishing. Tish has lectured at the New York Public Library on how to launch a magazine and other topics related to publishing. She was featured in CNN Money in 2010.

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