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Divine Quality

Divine Quality

Divine Quality. The soul can never complete its journey and will never learn all lessons it needs for complete manifestation of its nature without living its life as human when he is. It does not happen without good reason, to be a human. It is one of soul’s divine qualities to appreciate and grant importance on every creature in existence, no matter what form, good or bad.

Family Prayer by Fay Ocampo
This colorfully abstract painting depicts a rural Filipino family saying their prayers before partaking in an evening meal of fried, salted fish and rice.

Fay Ocampo is known to paint portraits depicting traditional family values. Her preferred method of style is usually cubism, and often tends to depict her subjects with rigid edges, true to the style’s form.

Image Source from Art Sumo


Free spirit. Free soul. Freedom fighter??? lol.

Spontaneously feisty,creative,no religion but very religious at being spiritual...trouble-shooter to those in trouble who need my help; and trouble-maker to those who hate my guts when I dare help those in trouble against an established personalities or rotten system.:-)`

Seriously now...hmmm...I want to meet honest people. And have a bond with fellow evolved souls...more than intellectual, and beyond superficial.

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