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Dream. Create. Take action. |

Nurture your dreams |

Nurture your dreams |

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nurture your dreams.
dream. create. take action.
by Perla Daly.

A post from the series Pinay, Shine! 15 Ways to Connect to Liwanag and Shine. Available exclusively at


Our dreams come from not only our subconscious but the Source of our souls.

The proof that our dreams are from Source and Liwanag is the fact that they have the power to light us up from within and motivate us forward.

Our imaginations and ideas are valuable and worthy of exploration and fulfillment.

You, and nobody else, are the person most responsible for exploring and fulfilling your dreams.

I am talking about dreams that are achievable and can become reality. I am talking about any dream that is about gaining good things in your life such as overcoming economic hardship… becoming prosperous… having love… having a loving family… good friends… good relationships… going to college and getting a degree… becoming successful in a specific profession or vocation… or maybe even bringing justice for the oppressed… and even world peace…

Dreaming can be easy. Or it can be very hard. It all depends on where you are in life. Maybe you’ve been encouraged to dream. Maybe you’ve been discouraged. Whatever your experience, it is up to you to let yourself dream and to figure out how to achieve your dreams!

And it is up to you to nurture your own dreams. You can’t expect someone else to do it for you. If someone shares your dream then that’s great. But don’t, for a moment, ever get idle and expect someone else to fulfill your dreams for you. Get out there and do things to make your dream a reality.

Your dreams are not just imaginations but rather insights of the best YOU could become, what your best life could be like. These are the dreams that make you feel really good and positive. The great thing about these dreams that make you feel good are that they are free and that your mind is free to dwell on them.


When your dream compels you to make it real then it is time to hone your talents & align your smarts to fulfill your dreams. You must act upon this dream and bring it intro fruition.

Whatever your dreams are, it is crucial to know that your very own talents and smarts are the most important starting points in attaining whatever dream you seriously want to fulfill.

So if there’s something missing in your life that you want to really bring about, then what next? What’s next is to take steps to bring these things, these dreams and visions, to reality, right!

Hone your talents and align your smarts to fulfill your dreams | Pinay.comIf you have compelling dreams and visions, and you know deep down inside they are fully worthwhile and worth achieving, than first bring them out of the thought world and began writing them down somewhere—a journal, notebook, a note that you hang up on the wall, or even a document on your computer or electronic device…

I like writing a phrase about something I want to achieve. I might write it down on  piece of paper or print it out and then pin the written words of my hopeful dream up on my wall, at home or work. I also like putting them to my digital wallpaper in my computers or smart phones.

Another step to bring your dreams out of the thought world is to talk about them. Talk about your dreams with people who will support you. Share your dreams with those who will be excited about them alongside you. These people may or not be in your life yet. If they’re not in your life yet, find them!! If they are, then what are you waiting for! Share your dreams with them.

So be sure to talk about your dream with supportive people, and allow their excitement and support for your dreams to assist in keeping your dream and passion for it alive within you. Allow this kind of support to help push you to take the steps to fulfill your dreams.

You will encounter the dream-crushers. When you do just ignore them from then on. No need to drink in their doubts and fears. Okay! If you can’t avoid them, it’s a simple matter of keeping the dream to yourself and working on it with or without their verbal affirmations.

Create a plan to take you to your dream and make your dream real. Create each step in your mind.

Do your research. Ask around. Read. Google. Find ways and resources that direct you to fulfilling your dreams. Talk to other people or read about people who have achieved similar dreams to yours.

Take action

Don’t just dream what you want, where you want to be, what you want to be. Be a dream doer. Your wildest dream? Conceive it. Achieve it. Live it.

Dream and do |

Dream and do. Be a dream doer. |

Once in a lifetime, some dream-come-true will fall on to the lap of some lucky soul. But most of the time only YOU CAN TAKE THE ACTUAL STEPS TO FULFILL YOUR DREAMS.

Create each strategic step in your mind to achieve your dream and then it is up to you to take the action to make your dreams come true.

Every living thing in the Universe starts out as a seed or egg. For that potential life to make it to the next step through the creation process, conception or fertilization must take place. Once that has taken place then the seed is nurtured with all the right elements in a gestation period. Finally the seed or egg gives way to new life and existence.

Identify the things you can do in the dream-birthing creativity process that takes your dreams from seed to birth and maturity.

Dream it. Do it. #filipina

Dream it. Do it. #filipina

Create the things you wish existed –

If you like this post or have questions and want to talk about this more please leave your comments below. I will be sure to answer you along the way.

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