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Fabulous Filipina cyberspace presence campaign

Fabulous Filipina cyberspace presence campaign

What are all these fabulous filipina banners floating around the pages?

The following was first posted at in 2004 for the Fabulous Filipina cyberspace presence campaign

When i was growing up and as a young adult, i had the closed-hearted, small notion that the world was only big enough for a few, special people, fabulous people. It took growing up, really growing up and opening up my heart and mind, to realize that God made the Earth and the Universe so expansive that it could hold many, many fabulous people. People who may at first seem ordinary… but aren’t. OR people who may have even taken different paths and lived their lives in a unconventional ways… and are brave enough to be fabulous in their own ways. They all have something in common——they are those who are trying to shine their light or ARE bright stars shining in this world and Creation.

I created the Fabulous Filipina cyber campaign in 2004 at

What is the purpose of this web site?

The Fabulous Filipina site will strive to showcase the best of who filipinas are on the Internet. This web site has been created in order to bring about a bigger picture of who Filipinas are by bringing together a webring of quality web sites and web pages that Filipinas have created on the Internet. Whether you are a Filipina web publisher who has made sites for companies or organizations or whether you have created web pages for personal expression or social interaction we want you to be part of this webring. There is a need to interlink with as many other Filipina sites and also to use the devices of the Internet such as search engines to achieve online a higher quality and more complete picture of who Filipinas are.

*Why is there even a need to do such a thing?

Since 1995 to today there is a narrow representation of Filipinas on the Internet. When doing a search on “Filipina” at search engines, mostly mail-order-bride sites and porn sites come up. So-called mail-order-brides and other women looking for matches via correspondence compose only a small percentage of what Filipinas really do with their lives. Most Filipinas who get online are not content with this kind of representation of their country and their selves. This web site would like to provide some tools to help widen and do justice to Filipinas’ online identity and to bust a cyberspace myth or profitable stereotyping coming from numerous commercial online services about Filipina mail-order-brides, sex-tour-bar-girls, and as porn models.

We need your help and if you would like to help us in achieving a fabulous filipina presence in cyberspace click here >>>

All rights reserved. NewFilipina, Inc. 2004

Source Painting by Cesar F. Balagot