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Her Inner Light Shines; Her Medicine Cures |

By Loyva Conje-Fernandez, Author

“I’m no longer on the material plane.”

These were the first few words that struck me most about the woman I was sitting across from. It wasn’t just what she said but the way she said it that convinced me how different and amazing she is. And the rest of our conversation only proved one thing: she possessed the unmistakable wisdom of one who has gone through adversity, and triumphed over it.

Remi Santiago Bautista, Pinay Shine, Life, Success, Sparkle, Malunggay, Moringa, Interview


“I didn’t like where my life was going. I didn’t want to waste away, drinking medicines every day and feeling no better than the day before. I knew I had to do something,” Remi Santiago Bautista, mother, widow and healer, as she recalled her life from a decade ago after the death of her beloved husband. She battled severe depression from this tragic loss, which led to the general decline of her health. Hypertension, heart ailments, rapidly aging nerves, arthritis and other aches and pains plagued her and kept her hostage in her own home. Soon, she had to move in with relatives in order to manage her daily needs. It was, as she described, “not much of a life at all.”

Some of you may have already heard of or read about her amazing transformation. She has been featured in online magazines, TV shows, and has spoken on many occasions to various communities about her medical breakthrough. Desiring to heal and remove herself from a situation that was extinguishing her inner light, she decided to immerse in and research about Ayurvedic medicine, meditation, and the power of positive energy. This led to her discovery of her as-of-yet unnamed miracle medicine, composed mostly of Turmeric or “luyang dilaw,” which she plants, cultivates, harvests, and processes on her own. No one— past the point of harvesting— is allowed to touch the raw materials but her, and only when she has cleansed herself spiritually, emotionally, and physically does she tackle the task of putting the powdered form of her secret ingredients into organic and all-natural capsules. To her it is important to create a positive atmosphere while she prepares the medicine, because she believes in the transference of energy from the maker to the end-user. And so, every capsule is made in love and with love, and with all the beautiful light from Remi’s inner being. She calls it a “conscious and conscientious production.”

What does her miracle medicine actually do for the body? What does it heal? A myriad of common ailments to the most dreaded forms of cancer. During the interview, Remi proudly showed a text message from a friend whose cancer stricken parent has been regularly taking her capsules. It was a message of gratitude for the continuing improvement of the patient’s condition. To Remi, this was the best affirmation yet. And it fuels her passion to share this miracle with the rest of the world. Once confronted by a medical professional during one of her visits to remote parts of the Philippines—she volunteers part time in charity work for various non-government organizations (NGO)—about the veracity of the medicine’s claim, Remi recounted: “Nakatayo yung doktor, halatang galit. Tinanong niya ako, ‘Can you prove it? What is your proof that your medicine works?’ Ang sabi ko sa kanya, dok, kung lumapit po ako sa inyo at nag-complain ako ng simpleng sakit na lang, halimbawa lagnat, sipon, ubo. Siguradong bibigyan niyo ako ng tatlong klaseng gamot. Kapag minalas-malas pa, baka bigyan niyo pa ako ng antibiotic at multivitamins para sa resistensya ko. Diba, limang gamot kaagad? Siguro tama, gagaling nga ako pagkatapos ko yun inumin, pero ang tanong, bakit ang bilis bumalik? Doktora, palagay ko ang kailangan natin hanapin ang root.  Sa tingin ko yung branches lang ang pinuputol natin, kaya nag-sprout sya. Ako dok, nakita ko yung root, binunot ko siya, at des pues, nawala lahat ng sakit ko.” (The doctor stood and asked me angrily ‘Can you prove it? What is your proof that your medicine works?’  I told her, Doc if I consulted you and complained of a simple illness like fever, cough, or flu, I am fairly certain you will prescribe three kinds of medicines. Depending on the severity of the situation, you may even ask me to purchase antibiotics and multivitamins. Of course, the symptoms will disappear after a while, and I will recover from the illness. But the real question is: why do the symptoms recur shortly after? This is what I think: we must find the root. I looked for the root, I plucked it, and from there all my symptoms and ailments disappeared.) Remi remembered how the doctor looked defeated, he sat down, and then eventually asked if she could order the miracle medicine. Remi declined the order, thinking that the doctor might only sell for profit.

Remi Santiago Bautista, Pinay Shine, Life, Success, Sparkle, Malunggay, Moringa, Interview

But it isn’t simply her medicine or how she had stumbled upon its miraculous properties that warrant a deeper probe into Remi’s life. The fact that she refuses to mass produce or sell the formula to large pharmaceutical companies offers us another angle of exploration. She has no desire for riches, at least not the kind that would defeat the purpose of her creation of the medicine: to help those who can’t afford the rising prices of western medication. And if she has any dreams of prosperity at all, it is only to function as funding for the countless projects she has thought up for the marginalized. In fact, despite her children’s prodding, Remi refuses to leave her tiny compound in a penurious part of Quezon City because she has found a home amongst the miscreants and misfits both. Even local gangsters treat her with a reverence uncommon among their group. As she had helped many of the young and old neighbors alike—from the simplest, random gesture of friendship; to giving them a livelihood that would pluck them out of the streets—they have returned her kindness with filial protection and almost fanatical loyalty.

It is not difficult to want to be in Remi’s corner. She has dreams bigger than her own mind can apprehend. “Ang dami kong gustong gawin! Ang daming projects na gusto kong simulan!” (I want to do so many things! There are so many projects I’d like to start!”) She would punctuate our conversation with that sigh. It wasn’t frustration that was seeping in, only an impatience that is typical of someone who is passionate about what she does.

Remi Santiago Bautista, Pinay Shine, Life, Success, Sparkle, Malunggay, Moringa, Interview

So what is next for this indefatigable woman? She has just received a generous donation of eight hectares of land where she can plant and cultivate not only Turmeric but also Malunggay. Her next project aims to provide livelihood to the Dumagat group (indigenous people in Southern Luzon scattered in remote areas of Quezon province, Bulacan, and Sierra Madre mountain ranges)  as well as to create an NGO that will promote healing through the bounty of nature. But more importantly, Remi is set to build a life of meaning and purpose. She believes she was made to see the ugly side of death in order for her to want to live. She credits this to the angels that surround her (she has found great solace and comfort in the Archangel Chamuel) and the people who make her life relevant. But to the many people she has helped, Remi is the angel walking amongst us all.

There is light in her that radiates: Remi is living proof that we can heal ourselves.

Photos provided by Loyva Conje-Fernandez

Loyva Conje-Fernandez

Loyva is a mother, a wife, a daughter, and events specialist. But more importantly, a human being with eyes opened wide, a suitcase always packed, and sock money waiting to be spent on the next adventure, wherever it may be (or where a visa isn’t so hard to acquire).

Currently fixated on the idea of retirement, she has become a chronic dabbler with a penchant for all things artistic, but is first & foremost a perennial student of the school of life.

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