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Hi, I'm Super Pinay

Hi, I’m Super Pinay

I’ve never blogged before so this is going to be a new adventure for me.

I’m pretty much a little known super hero, mostly known to those people I rescue.

Super-hero-ing is a passion of mine. Some call me a heroine, and feminists might call me a she-ro. But I like being called Supah Pinay. My kids call me super mom. And sometimes i call them super 1, super 2 and super 3. ( I have 3 boys and I love to tease them). I call my mom, super mama. And my kids call her Super Lola.

I’ll be back soon, to try out more super blogging in a bit.

Now off I go to do some rescuing——wooooooooosssSHHHHHHH!!!

Image Source:

Ensueños de Amor painting by Filipino painter and hero Juan Luna. Circa 1890s Wikipedia Commons 26 September 2013


I am a mother of 3 boys.When I'm not doing my darndest best to be a great mom, then I'm out saving the world. Sometimes my supah hero hubby and I team up. Sometimes we team up with our supah hero friends. I used to not do dangerous things like climb up on the roof to fix hail damaged shingles because I was worried about wounding up in the hospital and not being able to take care of my kids... but whew!, thank the goddesses, since I got my immortality and invinciblity, i can do it all!!

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