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Top History

Shine, Pinay, shine.

A Little History about Filipinas Online… is one of those few domains that gets 75-88% of its visitors from direct traffic—meaning people simply type “pinay” in the location field of their browser to visit us. This has been the case since the 90s. The remainder of the traffic comes from search engines or referring sites.

Perla Paredes Daly has owned the domain since 1998. Since that time, she has been approached many times by strangers to sell this domain. She has refused all of the offers, knowing that the majority of commercially successful sites on the web about Filipinas are usually dating sites, and unfortunately, porn sites. In 2008, the highest bid ever was emailed to her—it was just under $20K. She refused the offer because of the same reason—the odds were high that anyone wanting to spend that kind of money wanted to run a site that would commercialize and objectify Filipinas and she couldn’t allow that to happen.

Our History

In 1996 and the early days of the internet, Perla Daly found out that was being used as a mail-order-bride site targeted to men looking for the perfect wife & to a percentage of Filipinas who were looking for a better life overseas by marriage alone. Appalled at the stereotype she then did a search for “Filipina” and was devastated to see that most of the dozens of sites were porn or sex-tour sites. Because of the stereotypes and limited perceptions these sites generated over Filipina identity, Perla Paredes Daly and several pinays started a campaign to re-align the representation of all Pinay’s in the Philippines and abroad.

So to clear the worldview of who Filipinas really are as a whole, Bagong Pinay/NewFilipina was started in 1998. It was a site created and run by Filipinas for Filipinas and brought about a more complete representation of Filipinas are. It took 2 years for to find a rank on the first page of search engine results on “filipina.” That’s how strong the representation of Filipinas as mail-order-brides and sex objects was. It was pretty bad. But publisher carried on.

In 2004, Perla launched the Fabulous Filipina email and SEO campaign was born to urge Filipina/o web publishers to help change the limited image of Pinays online by using keywords in their meta-tags and the content of their site was started.

Because of the campaign for more content creation by more Filipino men and women, the online image of “Filipina” and “Pinay” has been changing since mid-2000. Thanks to  the online efforts by sites such as “Filipina Images,” “Yan and Pinay” and—they also worked to change the cyber-typing that has been going on since the beginning of internet.

“That is why being a member and being pro-active in sharing Pinay links and writing a blog AND proudly calling it Pinay/Filipina is how you can help Pinay identity online too!” has been evolving—between 1998 to 2008 it was one that had links to all the best Pinay sites out there… Then in 2009 it created membership so that en-masse, Pinays and Pinoys could share the best Philippine sites out there and it featured Filipina members who represented the diversity of Filipinas… and now into 2014 we are evolving into a content driven site.

The concept of was born and dedicated to creating the first online community for Filipinas on the web whereby Filipinas together could create a positive presence online that countered negative stereotypes rampant then and still up to now.

After a decade online, the concept behind and her sister sites evolved to dismantling any lie fed to anyone that “puts you in your place”, that is, below (and even above) the rank/privilege/worthiness of the person telling you so.

The driving force behind became to be about dismantling illusions of ego-based collectives, peeling back the layers of our own petty egos, and then the journey led to the process of uncovering the beauty of very old and inherent Filipino beliefs and coming to the center of oneself (Loob) — the core that is Spirit and always dwells in Light and Love.

To get there we must simply unsubscribe from the belief systems that hide this sacred interconnection and the inherent purpose of peace and prosperity within ourselves, with others and within the world.


Mabuhay—LifeLightLove to you, all you do & all you love,