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It's Tea Time!!!

It’s Tea Time!!!

Welcome to my blog.

It’s Tea Time!!!
This is my first entry.
Wow! I’m glad there’s a decent site for Filipinas. Yes we rule! From homes to the country, we are the women who make things possible for our men and families. We love best!

So don’t you under estimate, the strength of a Pinay!

Love. Love. Love.


Source Painting by Literatti – An Artistic Blog

Pagsanjan Falls, Fernando Amorsolo

The Philippine artist Fernando Amorsolo (1892-1972) was a portraitist and painter of rural land scapes. He is best known for his craftsmanship and mastery in the use of light.


I have only one rule in life "Bawal Magmalinis" (Don't act clean) . We all have our own demons, that wild side where a bad habit turns us into a complete stranger for those around us. I'm nice, I just live my own way. If you cannot deal with that, go away. The world is full of options anyway. In this world wherein a hug is not enough to say thank you but a good fuck will do, I make a difference. I sing, I dance, I party, I drink, and I enjoy my time. I can cheat my time, waste it but I can never cheat with my own heart-- Love has it's own value and I'll pay for it all over again, be it with my life or my heart. I am a sinner...who loves. And I have loved beyond comprehension, beyond wildest dreams. I will love still come what may. I am unique and skin deep. If you want to enter my's worth a try

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