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Kumusta, I'm your publisher!

Kumusta, I’m your publisher!

(Posted on October 31, 2009, Beta launch of

Hello, everyone!

I’m Perla and I’m your publisher for I’m still doing the work of getting this beta baby off the ground and working closely with Nimrod Abing of Arsenic web development to get this site going.

Through my admin profile, I just finished loading up some web site links that have been favorites of mine. Then some of those are just really great filipino links I found online. You can do that too in your Dashboard. I encourage you all to post your links and your blog RSS feeds or to start a blog here at

This is a place where you can share what excites you about the world and also share your own thoughts and creative works or even just your work.

Everytime you post info or links or a blog entry you will gain Pinay Power or power points! I’m still working with webdev to get your pinay power to show up in your profile.

Send me an email at perla at pinaydotcom anytime if you need to make suggestions or talk about how else you want to contribute to the site. But don’t forget, this is just the beginning of and there are more features to come.

To take a peek at what looked since 1998, you can visit the Way Back Machine link here:*/

I have been developing websites with content for my kapwa Filipinas and Filipinos, but hanging on to since way back then, waiting for the right time to develop it. NOW is the time.

Di you know that several men have offered to buy the domain of from me? Some offered a lot of money. It takes money earning sites to pay off that kind of purchase so what would these guys do with if they had bought it? Well, I held strong to keeping the domain so that Filipinas can represent Filipinas always. see more info in the ABOUT page here at

In the spirit of Kapwa, Buhay at Ilaw,

Perla Ramos Paredes Daly

Image Source:

Una Chula II painting by Filipino painter and hero Juan Luna circa 1880s Wikipedia Commons 26 September 2013



Omehra Sigahne is a life coach, multimedia artist, and leader who collaborates with artists, writers, healers, activists, professionals and organizers around the world in digital collage, poetry, photography, painting, online communities, publications, workshops, conferencesand organizations.

Omehra is also known as Inday Perla, Perla Daly, BagongPinay and NewFilipina.

She has been publishing websites to empower Filipinos for 20 years. More about her art, blogs, events, publishing and organizations at BagongPinay.

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