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Learn Surfing and Reflect on the Waves of Life|

Learn Surfing and Reflect on the Waves of Life
Surfing enthusiast Princess Moreno says when surfing: "You act and react together with the waves."
Anna Liz Cabrido

I have started surfing this year. Every weekend, if my schedule permits, I rush out of town to join a surfing camp in Barangay Dahican, a surfing village in Mati City, in the province of Davao Oriental. To get there, I travel for five hours to catch the waves, smell the salty air and sleep in a tent under the starry night.

My weekends surfing have been quite interesting. Since then, I have met new friends who taught me that there is more to the sport. This is all about the lessons I learned.

From Iyay, one of the surfing instructors in the camp who I consider my little sister, comes this reflection:  “One important thing in surfing is surviving. Waves may try to tumble you out into the water but you should strive your very best to get hold of the board and cling to it, stand up and surf again.”

Jan Catedrilla, a frequent visitor of the camp, says, “Surfing is not to be fantasized because getting there is hard work.” When surfing, Catedrilla says lock your feet on the board for balance. She relates it to life. When living your life she says,, lock your feet on the ground to prepare yourself for anything.

Jennifer Misaen, who I met in the camp in July, illustrates surfing as the best example of patience. “When you are surfing, you wait for the perfect wave, for the perfect timing to collide.”  In life, she says, “Most of us have no patience to wait. We always want to have results instantly, immediately. But surfing teaches me to stay calm, and the sooner we learn to stay calm the sooner we learn to assess if we move on and move up.”

I met 25-year old surfing enthusiast Princess Moreno one weekend and she is quick to say that the sea is never predictable and life, too, is always surprising. “When surfing, you act together, react together with the waves.” Moreno described the waves as storms of life and surfing as the process to hone your abilities to cope with the waves of time.

Moreno’s officemate Kristen de Pedro‘s words made me ponder: “Man cannot escape his faith. A surfer cannot escape the rumbling wave of the ocean.”

Surfing has indeed enriched my view of life. Like surfing life is a collaboration of the natural rhythm of trust and a magnet of possibilities. The flow of fear stops us to push our limits of moving up and moving on. When I surf I make sure I not only bring the board. I am ready for life’s surprises, with courage and faith.

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1) Krysten de Pedro says a surfer has to have faith when surfing. 2) Surfer Janice Catedrilla says surfing is a combined share of determination and hard work. 3) Jennifer Misaen describes surfing as a great example of patience. 4) Veteran surfer Yay creates a strong bond with her surfing students, a reason they love to stay in Dahican, Mati, Davao Oriental.

Anna Liz Cabrido

Anna Liz Cabrido is a contented 32-year old single lady and a proud South Cotabatena, whose home province, South Cotabato, is known as the Land of the Dream Weavers. When not in her writing mood, she is offfor another traveling experience---to islands in the sun, to a grand or street food trip, happy when in a tranquil vacation with her best travel buddies. Visit her blog at


  1. Great story, Analiz. Thanks for featuring stories about Pinays who surf.

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