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My Way

My Way

There are already so many organizations and foundations that
have programs to help the needy. What else could I do to make a difference that those organizations
haven’t done yet? Considering my lack of resources and very limited financial support, this question seems to lead to an answer that’s not quite encouraging.

But, do I need encouragement? Guess not, because I’m motivated enough. Looking around, seeing the starving, undernourished children; meeting abused spouses and children in my field of work; witnessing violence and abuses in different family settings, seeing how the same group of people destroy the environment
unknowingly or unintentionally; and imagining how these things would adversely affect them eventually…You bet, I have more than enough motivation, to do something. If the existing organizations and foundations are already enough,
how come there are still so many people asking for my help one way or another?
How come these problems still seem to be prevalent? I’m not so much concerned to show that I could make a difference. I just know I can do something. One thing I’m sure of, I can’t just sit here, listen to patients and people I know,see and be aware of what’s happening around, without doing something; and just
wait for others to do the things that I know I can do as well, MY WAY.

I do not think of solving all the problems of this world. I only do things I want and choose to do; and touch other people’s lives along
the way, while I tread along my path in this lifetime. And as long as I’m happy doing this kind of service, no matter how hard, it’s okay with me.
Besides, it’s not only the beneficiaries that benefit in this endeavor. In terms of experience, fulfillment, happiness and lifetime learning, my own benefits from this endeavor is immeasurable. I’m as much a beneficiary as they


I believe in helping a fellowman without breaking the
spiritual law:

That help is given to someone in need who asks for it,

and not imposed
on someone who I think needs it.

That to respect one’s choice to be in suffering and let him

is helping him
learn spiritually from his own experience.

I believe that helping a fellowman entails a lot more

than just having
the good intention to help.

That sometimes the help extended may not help anymore

if it already
causes one to stop helping himself.

That I don’t expect anyone to be indebted to me when I give

afterall I do it
for myself and he’s just beneficiary of my action.


Lingap-Kapwa Operasyong pang-Dalita
(LINGKOD) is a personal mission that envisions an urban/peri-urban holistic healthcare delivery system and
livelihood support that is accessible, adequate and sustainable to all
identified beneficiaries.

A Few Simple Things by Pelayo Lopez

This brilliantly colored oil painting by Pelayo Lopez warmly shows the love of a mother for her child. Mr. Lopez hopes that the painting will convey his belief that in life, we should only require a few simple needs to be happy, and the most valuable possession of all is the love of our family.

A very colorful visual artist, Pelayo Lopez loves to paint portraits in imprecise form. Pelayo tends to use mostly bright and pastel colors in his work.

Image Source by Art Sumo


Free spirit. Free soul. Freedom fighter??? lol.

Spontaneously feisty,creative,no religion but very religious at being spiritual...trouble-shooter to those in trouble who need my help; and trouble-maker to those who hate my guts when I dare help those in trouble against an established personalities or rotten system.:-)`

Seriously now...hmmm...I want to meet honest people. And have a bond with fellow evolved souls...more than intellectual, and beyond superficial.

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