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One year and you look at me

One year and you look at me

2012 has been a challenging year for me. Beginning the year battling the flu, with 6 people in the house it was a daunting task. Seemed like the first few months fl(u)ew by!

But life is good and gave many blessings. I was honored with an award by the Joyce Gordon Gallery! Presenting beautiful artist a certificate of merit/excellence for our art work!

I honestly hadn’t been very motivated, as I hadn’t updated my blog, website or online store, leaving everything under-construction. Mostly because I often feel… unmotivated. But the powers that be have not allowed me to remain idle. I passed up many opportunities but others were persistent and after all was said and done I am pleased with the results.

There have been moments this summer that brought me deep despair… I lost my elderly uncle and then my young cousin. Although my uncle’s passing was no surprise, my cousin’s was and both a tragic loss. Two years younger then I, he had a heart condition which brought me to the hospital everyday for a month until he passed. So much more to say about these events but each feeling comes and goes like butterflies in the wind…

I focus my energies on my beautiful family. My oldest daughter is 20yrs old this week. My oldest son just turned 17 and my youngest son is now 9yrs old. The baby is now 6yrs old and she just had her tonsils, adenoids and 2 front teeth out to relieve sleep apnea… They are the reason I smile everyday and the reminder to hug my husband as much as possible.

Thank you to the “powers that be” for every blessing of butterflies in the wind!!!


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