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No Comments Life coaching Coming This 2016

Life coaching services are here now at this 2016. Click here to schedule your complimentary initial session.

What’s life coaching you might ask? It’s a lot like the way competing athletes work with a coach to succeed and win their sport, but a life coach is for people who are motivated to succeed at the game of life. now offers one-on-one life coaching services to help all you beautiful Pinays shine brighter, create success, live happier. More benefits here.

Life coaching is NOT psychological counseling (for mental illness) nor is it consulting work (where you’re told what to do). Your relationship with your life coach is different than that of a mentorship, therapy or consultant. A life coach works with you to be empowered to use your own inner resources, wisdom, and power to make good decisions, know your purpose, and cultivate your own courage and passions.

So if you’re ready to get your free complimentary session, no obligation, click here to book now.

Read on more coaching benefits here.
Omehra Sigahne, (aka Inday Perla), Life Coach & Publisher,

Publisher and owner, Omehra Sigahne is now offering life coaching services to members of She is taking her 20 years of mentoring and empowerment into life coaching through

Book your complimentary session, no obligations, go to the scheduler page now.

Self-paced life coaching exercises will soon be available to members at this 2016. When that is launched, you will be able to access’s life coaching services online, via phone and video chat, no matter where you are in the world. 

Previous and new members of can continue to access our complimentary articles and features on how to uncover and increase one’s inner shine and light. Then we’ll introduce a new subscription membership for accessing online life coaching resources, exercises and recorded sessions, with VIP discounts for new online and on-site events.

This is just the beginning. Soon, members can expect new life coaches from the Philippines and around the world to bring you additional great success resources and life coaching.

To be kept posted of all these empowering and enlightening developments, just follow us on FB and/or subscribe to our newsletter (signup widget on the right column). publisher Omehra Sigahne is also known as Inday Perla, BagongPinay and Perla Daly. She is a certified EQI coach and a member of the International Coach Federation.




Omehra Sigahne is a life coach, multimedia artist, and leader who collaborates with artists, writers, healers, activists, professionals and organizers around the world in digital collage, poetry, photography, painting, online communities, publications, workshops, conferencesand organizations.

Omehra is also known as Inday Perla, Perla Daly, BagongPinay and NewFilipina.

She has been publishing websites to empower Filipinos for 20 years. More about her art, blogs, events, publishing and organizations at BagongPinay.

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