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One Comment team gathers in Manila |


The team is composed of people from all over, up and down the Philippines in Manila, Bicol, Cebu and CDO, and also from the East to West coasts of the U.S. And so it was high time that we got together in person when I visited Manila last week at the end of July 2014. The PDC team and I finally gathered together in person on a rainy Saturday in Makati. Together we also hostessed two events — a breakfast with press and friends and then a lunch launch at a Max’s restaurant with writers, friends and family.

Here are some pictures from the fun we had during the last week in July: On Friday, July 25, we had an intimate breakfast together and invited some press. was lucky enough that my cousins Catherine Zarandin-Turingan and Chef Christine Zarandin arranged for the event at the Long Bar of Raffles Makati. in Manila - Long Bar, Raffles Makati July 25, 2014 #pinaydotcom Above, L-R: The newly launched brand at the entrance to the Long Bar; Isagani Cruz and Inday Perla, yours truly; Catherine Zarandin-Turingan, PDC Manila director, Kai Magsanoc, YahooPH SHE editor, and Isagani Cruz. Photos by Kristine Roa and Jenny Bichara. in Manila - Long Bar, Raffles Makati July 25, 2014 Above, L-R: Chef Christina Zarandin at Raffles-Makati and Catherine Zarandin-Turingan, PDC Manila Director; “Bite me!” Intricate, tasty pastries for’s special day; Jenny Bichara, PDC publishing assistant with my 3 sons. Photos by Jen Bichara and Inday Perla. in Manila - Long Bar, Raffles Makati July 25, 2014 Above, L-R: banner and gift table; Valerie Cruz Tapalla and Victor Kalaw Tapalla of Wilma Cruz Tapalla Institute; Valerie and I standing next to the painting, in the Long Bar, that just so happens to be a portrayal of the Carnival Queen, Val’s very own grand-aunt Maria Kalaw Katigbak, not just a great beauty but also a civil worker, keen intellect and former Philippine senator. Photos by Jen Bichara and Inday Perla. in Manila - Long Bar, Raffles Makati July 25, 2014 #pinaydotcom Above clockwise: Jenny, Catherine and myself; the yummy goodies with the Kate Spade breakfast at Raffles-Makati; Kristine Roa, the PDC social media manager with Tin Mourice Ramos and Angel Ekkie; Chef Christine Zarandin directed the food preparation and also carefully arranged the setting for the event—Jenny relaxes as we await the guests. Photos by Jen Bichara and Kristine Roa. The breakfast at the Long Bar made for a fun friday in a unique setting. in Manila - Long Bar, Raffles Makati July 25, 2014 #pinaydotcomAbove, even the fans at the Long Bar are unique and very Filipino-esque. On Saturday, July 25, just me and the core PDC team got together at Cat’s home to have lunch, get to know each other and put together more gift bags: in Manila - Team Meeting in Makati July 26, 2014 #pinaydotcom Above, the PDC core team meeting at Cat’s home. Clockwise: Joanna Guttierez of Istorya Creations, Kiting Aberasturi (PDC merchandising) and me; Tita Norma, Kiting and me; giving away my art, like the Babaylan Mandala poster, to the PDC team as gifts; Great stories and discussions at lunch with Sarah Christina Ganzon, me, Jenny, Puring, Joanna, Kiting, Tita Norma and Andre. Photos by Kristine Roa and Jenny Bichara. That was a great time to just chit chat, get to know each other in person and prep for the next day—the lunch launch with our writers, associates, friends and family! in Manila - Lunch Launch - July 27, 2014Above: the event invite for the lunch launch. We were expecting 40 to 50 people— and 67 people came!! Now that’s a good turnout. Woohoo! in Manila - Lunch Launch - July 25, 2014 Above, clockwise from top: Me with Istorya Creations jewelry maker and owner Joanna Guttierez; Bopeep Espiritu, PDC writer; Rogelio “Ogie” Braga, playwright, Palanca awardee, PDC writer and former editor. Photos by Bopeep Espiritu. in Manila - Lunch Launch - July 25, 2014
Above, Raketchik blogger Karen Fernandez came too and helped take these pictures here above. L-R: Jen Bichara, Kiting Aberasturi, Kristina Roa, Catherine Zarandin-Turingan and me. Click on above pic for Karen’s blogpost about our lunch event. And yes, the charm bracelets were Karen’s idea—Kiting and Joanna did well in bringing that concept to life. Thanks, Karen, Kiting and Joanna!! in Manila - Lunch Launch - July 25, 2014 Above, clockwise from left: Raffles and giveaways table at the event, carefully arranged by Kristine and Kiting. Kevin Sabino PDC illustrator and art director (also the creative director for Ralph Lauren Philippines). Banner and presentation. in Manila - Lunch Launch - July 25, 2014 It was a great turnout with 67 guests! We were expecting up to 50 people so when an extra dozen or so people started walking through the door it was a good thing there was enough food and giveaways!  Clockwise: Friends and family help launch in Manila; me, Cat and Kiting; Kristine, me, Jenny and Kiting; writers Rem Tanuan, Bopeep Espiritu, Ogie Braga and Jaycon Yaneza. My next to last day in Manila, I got together with my high school batchmates from St. Scholastica’s Academy of Bacolod City. We met for lunch at the Makati Garden Club, a lovely little shabby-chic cottage and garden nestled amidst skyscrapers and highways. in Manila - ReunionSSA80 - July 25, 2014 There we enjoyed yummy food and great conversation. My highschool batchmates seemed to have eternal youth—they haven’t aged a day. I also got to share my baby Everyone got some Pinay Shine goodies too! Photos by Ging de la Paz and Amy Aguilar Cheang. So there it is… a bunch of pictures and words that don’t come close to capturing the tastes, conversations and fun that I had with the team and friends during the last week of July 2014. For sure we will have more events in Manila and around the islands. Hope you can come to the next one! So be sure to use the right rail feature to subscribe to our newsletter for your to get our latest events and posts.



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