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PINAYS RISE by Chelo Aestrid

PINAYS RISE by: Chelo Aestrid

Love the song by Chelo A. – Pinay Rise
~Perla Daly, Founder

INTRO: Hey ladies, I think it’s our turn to get a lil’ action! Huh! Pinays do you feel me? Tara!


Ooh yea it’s yo beat-rockin’ girl Chelo Aestrid

Pinays got you hooked, why don’t you face it

Cause you ain’t gonna find girls like us

We takin’ova your mind, you you can trust

If you want Beauty and Brains…yea we got you

You want Brawns, we’ll pick you up if you feelin’ blue

We got that halo-halo East meets West mix

We the cream of the crop, you can’t deny this!


I’m a, I’m a, I’m a Filipina

Mestiza, Chinita, Morena, let me hear ya

P -I – N – A – Y

I’m a, I’m a, I’m a Filipina

P -I – N – A – Y

It’s time for us to-o-o rise!


Ooh yea, pinays are like super-heroes

From being Mamas to asawa, ya’ll should know

That we do take good care of our men

But we more than that, you must understand!

We nurses, care-takers, the lovin’ lovin’don’t stop

We business-women and dancing Traffic Cops

There ain’t nothing a Super-Pinay can’t do

We ruling nations, while lookin’ fly too!



For too long you underestimate us

(Yea me and the girls were always held back)

Pushed us aside so you can reach the top

(Mmm-hmm, that was pretty messed up but)

Well thanks for the hate, I’ll pay back with


‘Cause what you did only made a stronger me!

(That’s right all my ladies sing)


Sa harap sa likod–

Common! Get them hands high!

Kaliwa’t kanan–

We Pinays ’bout to Rise

Sa atubangan ug likod–

Reach for the sky!

All around the globe–

Pinays! Rise!



I’m a Filipina — Mestiza, Chinita, Morena

I’m a Filipina so you know I’m about to heat it–UP!

Feel the fire, so hot they can’t deny

Pretty Intelligent Nice And Y?

Cause I’m a—Filipina


Pinays Rise ©2010 Chelo Aestrid

Pinays Rise is the first single from Chelo A.’s album: Love, Life & D’Light.

Distributed by JayR Sillona of Homeworkz/Universal Records PI.

For Artist Bookings, please contact: +63.917.555.0781 or +63.2.622.4681.

Chelo Aestrid

Chelo Aestrid will be releasing a solo album entitled “Love, Life & D’Light” in early 2011. Her muse-ic is about the "Light" and how she finds delight in His two best creations: Life and Love. Her songs are mainly produced by Q-York Edutainment. Their single “Mainit“ won Video of the Year at the Urban Music Awards.

Chelo has been performing and training since she was six in Cebu. In 2001, she left Architecture School in Los Angeles to pursue performing in the Philippines. She released a solo album under Ivory Records entitled, “Nice to Meet You”.

She has quite a long entertainment resume and has experience in everything from singing, acting, dancing, modeling, doing choreography, song-writing, hosting, and teaching Hip-hop dance.

In 2003, she was signed with Universal Records Philippines & GMA with the group Flavours. In 2004, she finished shooting her first movie in Bohol, Philippines called, “Panagho’y Sa Suba”. She also song-wrote and choreographed for her other groups T.F.L. and HAYLO.

In 2006 in London, she received a First Honours Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. Now based in Manila, she has been part of the Philippine Allstars, that won the 2009 Malta Guiness Streetdance Championships in Africa; and the World Hip-hop Dance Champships in 2008 in the US. Chelo also co-founded and manages “Capital G Shop“, which sells ‘Original Pinoy Apparel and Music.’

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  1. Nice, Chelo! Thanks for posting, Jenny.

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