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Pista Sa Nayon

Pista Sa Nayon

June 5th, also my husband birthday. I have spent the last few weeks cramming in as much art as possible, not completing all the pieces I wanted to put out there. I did a few pieces that I was sure was a hit.

Managing my families needs in May and June is already a challenge then add Pista Sa Nayon and it’s crazy busy. With 3 kids in school, standardize testing, band reviews, concerts, last minute projects, prom, SAT’s, open house, time management, buy more glue sticks, teenage angst, bad grades, good grades, take Grandma to the airport, puppy in the mix, groceries, meals, boo boos, driving, flat tire, end of the year parties, jr high promotion, schedule summer school, swim class, pre-register preschool, dental appt… and the list goes on and on and on! To top it all off, besides Erwin’s day job, he plays keyboards in THREE bands and rehearses TWO nights and gigs 2-3 nights a week. This particular day he had TWO gigs in on ONE day; Pista being one of them. It will all come to a halt by then end of this week, at least for the kids and I.

Loaded my car on Friday and drove to Grandma Leony’s house, easy access to my event from her house. Yummy sinigang waiting for our arrival. The two babies, Romeo and Leya, are just in love with their Lola, who is the best cook I’ve ever met! Keni (14) is missing out on the 8th grade dance because he couldn’t manage to raise his grade. December marks the start of the landslide for him and he went from C’s-D’s to enough F’s to make up for the lack of them in the PiliPino alPabet… His date later tells him off for leading him on and refused to talk to him, we will see how that drama unfolds on Monday.

Thought I could finish more jewelry before the big show but I never managed to get it out of the car until I arrived to Vallejo’s Water Front. The area is larger than a football field and is bustling with vendors unloading and the food booths firing up the grills.

Thank you to Belle Santos and PYC for giving the Baybayin Booth center stage. Unfortunately, the crowd doesn’t move in that direction and the day is slow and long. Competing with the youth stage,behind us. Loud hiphop and amateur entertainment overwhelm the sences. It was a long, slow and hot day, the overflow of teenagers into our space distracts from us and we’re lost but not forgotten…

I love it when my support system comes to visit me! I spent many years in hiding and being out in the world really challanges me. Friends drop by and I feel the love! My younger sister(by 7 years) hangs out for hours, her birthday on the 6th. She’s a big help and a better friend. For a moment I can hear Erwin singing “Smooth” in the background, love that man!

Bahala na, I sold very few items and my colleagues did even worse… Nako, the guilt felt for dragging them for a long hot, loud day… BAHALA NA, I say to myself as if this montra will help my angst and it does because I enjoyed the day and have big plans for next year! I’m going all out next year!

Haphazardly loaded up the car and waiting for Grandma to finish socializing with the Artista’s (Epi-someone…) She introduces me and I take a moment to shout out my business, maybe cross over to the wowowee crowd.

With all that, we’re off to McD’s because the KIDz are starving and they were so very good today! I’m overwhelmed with pride for my kids! A quick pitstop to get Erwin’s birthday present at Sears, of course the Pinoy assisting me tries to sell me a more expensive item but I know what I want because my hubby told me last xmas. I’m so excited to get it since we couldn’t afford it in Dec.

Getting home is bitter sweet, I’m too tired to unload and the babies are bickering, their Kuya is sulking over a girl and a dance and ATE’ is sooo excited to see me and tell me all about her weekend. With all my inner dialog and the kids incessant chatter, calls from my sister and puppy at my toes… I check out, a defense mechanism I learned as a young child. Shut down all my emotions and be blank… I’ll pay for it later when the window opens to angst but for now, I feel nothing.

I fight sleep for as long as I can to enjoy the peace and quiet after the kids are asleep(adding to the proverbial hangover I will feel later)

Sleep comes and then Erwin gets home at about 2:30, I can only give him a groggy greeting and I’m out.

Waken up but some strange awareness that I need to let Peanut out of his cage to go pee… 7:30am, I slept in some!

5 days and the madness comes to a screeching halt and all 4 kids will be home 24/7… {sigh}

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Fruit Gatherer, 1950 by Fernando Amorsolo oil on board. A vital specimen of his work on the human face and landscape. Wikipedia Commons 26 September 2013


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