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Sparkle yourself up with a smile!


A little Shine mentality tip—smile! It’s the simplest beautifying trick. It’s free. What a difference a smile makes to light up your face and let your inner light shine out.

I like smiling. It’s my favorite expression. Sometimes people don’t return your smile. But who cares?!! Sometimes they wonder what you’re smiling about. Sometimes they tell you to not smile. Oh, just ignore them, their suspicion of smiles says a lot about THEM. You, you just keep on smiling and sparkling. Shine, girl, shine.

Mabuhay—LifeLightLove to you, all you do and all you love.

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Sparkle yourself up with a smile.

Sparkle yourself up with a smile.



Omehra Sigahne is a life coach, multimedia artist, and leader who collaborates with artists, writers, healers, activists, professionals and organizers around the world in digital collage, poetry, photography, painting, online communities, publications, workshops, conferencesand organizations.

Omehra is also known as Inday Perla, Perla Daly, BagongPinay and NewFilipina.

She has been publishing websites to empower Filipinos for 20 years. More about her art, blogs, events, publishing and organizations at BagongPinay.

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