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Sparkling Positive Tips to Handle Negativity - Bonus Tip 8


The White Light Meditation

Continued from 8 Sparkling Positive Tips to Handle Negativity

Bonus Tip 8: White Light Meditation. 8 sparkling tips on how to handle negativity.

Bonus Tip 8. Visualize white light for protection. 

The White Light Meditation is a visualization technique that has been used by meditators in all religions of humanity’s history.

Make the following a daily practice. Say a prayer of protection in the morning, night time or whenever you need to.

Try this short phrase and adapt it to your own liking:

“Dear God, help me in this situation. Shield me from the negativity around me. Be with me and guide me to respond with grace and in your Light. Guide me towards my highest good.”

And then do a white light visualization meditation.

Take a few deep cleansing breaths and slow down the rhythm of your breathing. Then say a prayer inside yourself. It can be the sample given above or one of your choosing whereby you call on a divine entity such as Jesus, a saint, enlightened being, an angel and/or ask a beloved relative, who’s passed on, to come be at your side.

Then, relax back into a calm state with your breathing. It helps to picture yourself in a pleasant place of your choosing like a beach with calm water, a beautiful sunlit field with gentle grass, a place with a gentle blue sky and soft clouds, some setting under an incredible star-filled sky, or in an elegant white room where you feel safe.

So when you’re in a nice calm state, begin picturing a shaft of white light that comes from a benevolent, divine loving presence from above, and this light flows over and around you, and through you.

Then picture a sphere of white light, about 10 to 20 feet in diameter surrounding you, with you in the center. The bottom of the sphere of light even passes through into the ground so that you are indeed in the center.

Say to yourself the following and add your own positive statements:

I am safe. I am loved. I am supported.

I strive for my highest good. I act from my highest good. 

I wish for the highest good of others.

I stand in the Light. I walk in the Light. 

I shed Light unto every moment of my life.

God’s Light is in me. 

I call on God’s Light in every situation of my life.

My life is filled with goodness of my Love for God and I wish goodness on others.

My life is filled with the Love and positivity. I wish the same for others.

Check out this very cool white light protection meditation on by the Honest Guys. The graphics are beautiful and the audio very soothing and calming. 

You can also check out THG’s meditation on Clearing Negativity.

Don’t forget to smile and breath. Being a positive person in a positive mind state and mood is a way of being in a higher vibration and a way of letting the light of your soul, or Liwanag, radiate out of your being and into your everyday human existence.

Shine, Pinay. Shine.

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