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How to Sparkle Like a Sexy Momma

Your son is your world. I get it. So is mine. But there are other things in my world too, namely the rest of the family, friends, my career, my passions, and most of all, myself. Although I would do anything for my son, he is not necessarily the center (more…)Read More

7 Sparkling Lessons From An Unconventional Mom

My mother is a beautiful, complex creature like no other. She wasn’t like most moms, not prone to exhibiting sappy affections or wearing aprons. When we were newborns, she rarely carried us in her arms, afraid that we would accidentally slip off her fingers. The carrying was left to the (more…)Read More

Maid in Manila or Maid in America?

Imagine a typical Pinay housewife’s day. She wakes up early to prepare breakfast and gets the kids ready for school before her usual chores: supervise the cleaning, go to the market, and plan the meal for the night. Another day accomplished with a lot of help: a kasambahay, a driver, (more…)Read More

Three Filipina Matriarchs

My matriarchs have a deep influence on me. This post honors three generations of mothers before me. I never met my great-grandmother Lola Agueda. She passed away at a young age. So my great-grandfather Lolo Felix, sent his two young daughters, Clotilde and Cecilia, away to the convent school of Assumption, on Panay island, (more…)Read More