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Yolanda Chronicles: Hungry Bats

I did not realize till then that my humble garden trees were feeding the bats too. I looked at the bare hills, the battered grass, the uprooted trees all around me. The levelled homes of humans. by Merlie Alunan Three trees were growing in my thumb-size yard, a pomelo from (more…)Read More

“Life is a Dance” Book by Marissa J. Hartwig, Filipina

A personal journey of living life as a dance, finding inspiration, creativity, discovery, and the realization of the divine. Marissa J. Hartwig Filipina Author of Life is a Dance Book. Click to tweet this story here. More information at Through her life experiences, utilizing prose and poetry, the author uses (more…)Read More

One year and you look at me

2012 has been a challenging year for me. Beginning the year battling the flu, with 6 people in the house it was a daunting task. Seemed like the first few months fl(u)ew by! But life is good and gave many blessings. I was honored with an award by the Joyce (more…)Read More

Cold and Dreary London

I’ve been here for 11 years and the cold still fazes me just like the first day I’ve stepped into Heathrow Airport one cold, grey May afternoon. In fairness, it’s not so bad as I haven’t resorted yet to taking out from my under bed storage, my Hunters wellies / (more…)Read More

Heartache Sniper

Sept.2, 2011 11:21 P.M. Today is the first day I’ve felt OK. After over a month of being tortured by the pain of losing…let’s call him Manuel, I was smiling and feeling myself again. (Who is Manuel you ask? He is the love of my life who I can’t just (more…)Read More

Vegan Vagina Vortex

Check out my blog: Vegan Vagina Vortex for a glimpse of how I see the World… (more…)Read More

Good-bye Mr. Wonderful

Good-bye Mr. Wonderful. Back in October 2010, I wrote this song called “Mr. Wonderful” (it’s part of my solo album “Love, Life & D’Light” that will be launched real soon) and its Chorus goes: “I don’t want Mr. Perfect He’s someone I’ll never find I don’t even want Mr. Right-Now (more…)Read More

Divine Quality

Divine Quality. The soul can never complete its journey and will never learn all lessons it needs for complete manifestation of its nature without living its life as human when he is. It does not happen without good reason, to be a human. It is one of soul’s divine qualities (more…)Read More

Your Circle of Love Thoughts for Valentine’s Day in a new millennium.

What is the size of your circle of Love? Do you love only your family and friends? Do you love only your family and have little room for friends? Do you love friends and family and also love people in general? Do you love your pets or love Nature but (more…)Read More

2011 is here! Mabuhay—may you and yours be filled with Life, Light and Love

Dearest members and visitors: What does it mean to be Pinay or Pinoy in the Motherland and on Mother Earth? I have an inkling but it still seems to be a whole life journey. What I know most especially though is that I am very proud to be a (more…)Read More