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“Life is a Dance” Book by Marissa J. Hartwig, Filipina

A personal journey of living life as a dance, finding inspiration, creativity, discovery, and the realization of the divine. Marissa J. Hartwig Filipina Author of Life is a Dance Book. Click to tweet this story here. More information at Through her life experiences, utilizing prose and poetry, the author uses (more…)Read More

The Filipina on Top: Deconstructing Maria Clara

The documentary film creates awareness on the harsh realities Filipinas face: Getting to the heart of the Pinay’s Madonna-Whore Syndrome Is the modern Filipina well-informed enough not to fall into bad situations? Or are we unknowingly contributing to our own problems? This film, Filipina on Top, revolves around the empowerment (more…)Read More

The Empowered Filipina: A Woman of Substance

What makes a Filipina? | Breaking out of the entrenched stereotype Over the years, Filipinas working overseas have been greatly stereotyped and put in a negative light. This documentary follows a collective group of global Filipinas who have been deeply affected by these issues and how they chose to respond (more…)Read More

PINAYS RISE by: Chelo Aestrid


Love the song by Chelo A. – Pinay Rise ~Perla Daly, Founder INTRO: Hey ladies, I think it’s our turn to get a lil’ action! Huh! Pinays do you feel me? Tara! VERSE 1: Ooh yea it’s yo beat-rockin’ girl Chelo Aestrid Pinays got you hooked, why don’t you (more…)Read More

Maganda ka! Ikaw ay indio. Ikaw ay Pilipino.

Charmain Clamor sings to you, Brown Pinays… “Girl, I think you’re outta sight. You ARE beautiful. Maganda ka! Ikaw ay indio. Ikaw ay Pilipino. You’re my funny brown Pinay. Sweet, funny brown pinay.” Her YouTube Video, My Funny Brown Pinay, is Fabulous Filipina link of the week, August 28, 2010. (more…)Read More

A tribute to Imelda Marcos, “here lies love” by David Bryne

On my way home from the Babaylan Conference in April, I was listening to the Public Broadcast Station Radio (a treat for me because the kids weren’t in the car) I was feeling very PILIPINA from the events of the day. Reliving moments, connections I made from fellow Babaylan, feelings (more…)Read More